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Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a little gem of a town in the mountains of the Ozarks. It's located in my old neck of the woods in the state's northwest corner. It's streets are steep and winding hills filled with quaint shops, art galleries and interesting hole in the wall restaurants (The Oasis is my fave!) housed in the town's original 19th century buildings. There are sweet little bed and breakfasts tucked in and around the downtown area or grander historic hotels if you prefer. My family used to relish The Dairy Hollow House run by the amazing chef and writer Crescent Dragonwagon (check out her cookbooks!). The inn has since been recreated as an incredible writer's colony. Another talented artist who recently relocated to Eureka is my friend from Fayetteville, Mark Hughes. Mark creates a beautiful line of natural fiber clothing for women from his adorable studio-shop Regalia, Handmade. I haven't been to the new shop, but a friend tells me it is as inspired as his last. If you have a chance to visit Eureka you must stop by! He is one of the friendliest guys I know and just being in his colorful and inventive environment makes you feel so good! I love wearing his skirts and dresses. My current favorite is a linen v-neck sleeveless dress with the greatest deep pockets in a mustard yellow color. I wear it at least once a week! Check out his website here. Also, don't miss Mitchell's Folly next door. He always has an amazing collection of heartache-inducing found treasures. There is so much nature to enjoy in this area too! Lots of folks honeymoon and even marry here-see Thorncrown Chapel.