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Tamar Mogendorff

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Tamar Mogendorff Mushrooms via Rose and Radish

Tamar Mogendorff Owls via Rose and Radish
Tamar Mogendorff Swans and Geese

Tamar Mogendorff Kitchen Hens, Mushrooms, Avocado

Tamar Mogendorff Bird Cages

Many artists are creating "softies" or stuffed animal-esque art these days. Only a few artists stand out for me including Ann Wood, Wee Wonderfuls, and especially the sweetly homespun work of Tamar Mogendorff. I love her neutral color palette accentuated with nostalgic colors, and the wabi-sabi of her designs including visibly raw edges, stitching, and wonky shapes. Visit her website here for more examples of her work. You can purchase her mushrooms and owls through the Rose and Radish online shop.