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Mary Engel Mixed Media Sculpture

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I thought I had a lot of tchochke's to manage in my studio...but it just doesn't compare to artist, Mary Engel's treasure trove-and look how tidy!! I'm especially fond of Mary's hand built mixed media  sculptures that mix ceramics and found ceramic figures and findings. Sometimes it seems the simplest  and most literally expressed ideas are the ones that work like magic...e.g. watch dog, bird dog.  And wasn't it Shakespeare who wrote, brevity is the soul of wit...  I suppose he would know! xo
Ceramic and found objects 12 x 25 x 10 in.

Mixed Media 19 x 17 x 20 in.

Mixed Media 17 x 24 x 18 in.

Mixed Media 24 x 11 x 9 in.

Mixed Media 32 x 43 x 12 in.

Mixed Media 22 x 34 x 18 in.

Mary Engel's Studio corner and muse

Mary with her muses, Mingo and Bonnie.
 Detail of Mary's Treasures.
Visit Mary Engel's Web Site for more!

Beauty Everyday!

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I'm getting pretty cheeky over all the generous kudos recently from my favorite artists and bloggers! Today it is a huge compliment to be kindly featured by the talented Kristen Bach (whose InCrediBle home I completely covet-remember it on D*S??) at Beauty Everyday...see here. Thank you, Kristen!! xoxo
Beauty Everyday is brought to you by the group of talented artists, including Kristen, and fellow artist magicians at R. Wood Studio...my all-time favorite ceramic studio located in Athens, Ga! Did you know they have any Etsy shop for their other creative endeavors too? The swell bunting pictured above is available there! xoxo

Michael Pfleghaar

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Have you noticed the work of Michael Pfleghaar around Etsy lately? He appears to be a man of many art forms including ceramics and paintings...and has yet another shop full of silk screened guy-wear appropriately called JOCK SHOP. Etsy led me to his website where I found more of his paintings and illustrative works. I'm especially enamored of his mid-century modern ceramic house sculptures and paintings. I'd like to move right in! He also makes swell bird and botanical related pieces that are sure to never fly or wilt away! *Note: The Fat Finch- my fantastic sponsor-carries Michael's Cardinal Birdhouses in her Albuquerque brick-and-mortar shop! Call to inquire: 505-898-8900. xo




oil on canvas 30" x 30"

oil on canvas 30" x 30"

Oil pastel on paper


Nathalie Lete at Anthropologie

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My heart nearly exploded when I came upon Anthropologie's art gallery featuring original ceramics and limited edition silkscreens by Nathalie Lete.  Never before has her original work been so accessible in the States...and boy, howdy does Anthropologie know a good thing! Its also a good thing I don't have any money because I would probably spend it all on purchasing her work and forget about necessities like food and shelter.  xoxo


Julie Whitmore Pottery

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I've been cooing over the sweet work of Julie Whitmore and her French Faience style of handcrafted pottery. She sells her work through boutique galleries such as Earth Angels and Birds of a Feather. She also has an Etsy shop where she mainly sells commissioned pieces. I clicked through her 'sold works' and her delightful blog to assemble what you see here. If you're lucky to live near Julie, her work will be featured in a showing at Birds of a Feather (805-927-2391) in Cambria, CA this November 7 & 8! xo
Speak to the Earth

Pair of nature cups

Red Stripe Cottage Salt and Pepper

Covered Farmhouse Dish

Wood Thrush

Cottage Cup with Pink Blossom Handle

Portrait of a Sedge Warbler

beauty-full new blogs...

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red velvet cupcakes, with beets!
photo and recipe by Kristen Bach

You've probably already heard about the new journal the talent behind R. Wood Studio have created- Beauty Everyday...curated by, Rebecca Wood, Kristen Bach and Rinne Allen. Its a comforting addition to the day to read their thoughts, recipes, and see the photographs that turn your mind back to the sweetness of the South. I am planning to try Rebecca's vegetarian collards recipe this week...mmm! These folks have been so good to me over the years...I had to share the news with you too! xo
rebecca wood (left) kristen bach (right)

A glimpse of the sweet countryside in Georgia
photo by rebecca wood

And...hold on to your hats...the incredible jewelry designer, artist, poet, photographer and all around magical lady, Jennifer Morris has created her own blog, Spilling Beauty. Its hard for me not to blog about her work every. single. day. Her warm poetic sensibilities infect every aspect of her vivid jewelry creations and photography...I am in awe of her talent! Visit her Flickr Album, Etsy Jewelry and Etsy Photography shops to be swept off your feet! xo

Jennifer Morris blog, Spilling Beauty

songs in the desert pendant
by Jennifer Morris

my little luxurious owl
by Jennifer Morris

McCheek's Mayhem

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It was love at first sight when I saw a mug by Carole Smith on Melissa Loves this morning! You can purchase her cast ceramic and decal laden reworkings of classic vintage favorites from her Etsy shop, McCheek's Mayhem. Carole also handcrafts super colorful ceramic tiles-check it out on her blog and Flickr album. xo
Ceramic Bowl
Cast from a vintage Pyrex bowl.

Cake Stand
You take the biscuit!

Hexagon Tiles
Each one handmade with cookie cutter!

Kathy Ruttenberg

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My friend Pam Pemberton (whose wonderful flower shop and floral design service, Flora is located in my hometown, Fayetteville, Arkansas!) just alerted me to this incredible artist! Thank you, Pam!! Mostly, I live under a rock and therefore had no idea about the magical watercolor, ceramic and mixed-media sculpture of artist, Kathy Ruttenberg. Anyone living in New York will remember her window installations for Macy's Flower Show last year. If only I could have witnessed that! For now...I'm super happy to take in her incredible portfolio online here. xo *Click on the photos to enlarge!

Lily Pottery Fall Catalog!

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My friend Lily Wikoff Stratton has just released her new catalog of gorgeous handmade ceramic and metal jewelry! I highly recommend her line to all my favorite boutiques! Contact Lily for a copy of the catalog-she is ready for wholesale orders! I know one day I'll be able to say, "I knew her when...." Congratulations, Lily! Incredible work!
Lily's beautiful sister modeled for her!

The artist-Stunning Lily herself!


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Dutch artist, Nina Van de Goor creates the loveliest modern ceramics! I adore her designs and ability to stay minimal while still using fabulous color (a tough skill to master!). She is a mixed media artist as well and I think that 'cut and paste' quality is apparent in her ceramic design-which is maybe why I love it so very much! If for some crazy reason its not in your bookmarks-check out Nina's amazing blog and Etsy shop! Also, check out the photos of her sweet home featured on Apartment Therapy!
Group shot of Nina's bowls.

New designs on vintage pottery!
Read all about it!

Open Studio Sale!

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This Saturday, October 4th is Oktoberfest in downtown Newberry, SC and to celebrate we are having an open studio sale at The Constant Gatherer! Kirsten and I have invited our Greenville neighbors to join in! In addition to Kirsten's handpainted ornaments, tree-toppers and cards, my wreaths and mixed media, we will also feature the incredible ceramic work of Lily Pottery and the one-of-a-kind jewelry of Blue Moss by Michelle Taylor! We are so completely excited and honored to have them-so please come out and join us for a fun day on Main Street!

Tiffani Taylor

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Belated Happy Birthday wishes to the beautiful, wonderful, and talented Tiffani Taylor! You bring so much loving and creative energy and beauty to the world! I am constantly amazed and inspired by you! Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Love to you, xoxo!
Tiffani is seen here with her baby, "Lil' Papa" and in front of
one of her lovely large floral paintings! Visit Tiffani's sites here and here!

An interview she did recently with Hallmark magazine can be read here!

lily pottery summer's end giveaway!

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ooh, ooh, ooh! Lily Pottery is having a giveaway contest on her blog for a fantastic pair of her mod ceramic earrings! Visit her blog here and peruse more of her work here! Thanks, Lily!! (I'm anxiously awaiting the incredible ceramic and metal fall line she has in the works-preview below! I'll pass along the news when they're ready!)
Enter to win these handmade beauties!

Fall Preview!
Lily Pottery Earrings-coming Fall 2008

Lily Pottery Earrings-coming Fall 2008

Amanda M. Lynch

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You know how sometimes you discover a new artist whose work makes your heart immediately ache and pound because its so magical, wonderful, different?? That happened to me this morning when I happened upon the ceramic paintings of Amanda M. Lynch via If the Birds Knew blog. (Enlarge the images to see the amazing relief details.)
A Girl and a Golden Goose 2007
11"h x 8.25"w x 1.5"d

Candy Trees 2006
205"h x 22"w x 2"d

Rickshaw Walla 2006
ceramic and oil paint
10.5″h x 13.5″w x 1″d

Outnumbered by a Small Army 2007
Ceramic with decal and Gold Lustre
14″h x 14.5″w x 2″d

Birthday Party 2006
Ceramic and Oil Paint
10″h x 13.25"w x 0.75"d

Flight of the Little Girls 2007
Ceramic and Oil Paint
17″h x 5″w x 1.5″d

Quail 2007
Ceramic and Oil Paint