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Barbara Berrada- les zigouis {revisited}

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I had to revisit the ever-charming multi-talented Barbara Berrada after she announced her 2011 line on Facebook and it took me on a magical ride as always! Barbara not only designs the les zigouis line of clothing, but styles the shoots and turns the entire effort into marvelous & heartfelt art experience. Visit her blog and shop!

church & state

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My vanity Christmas wish would be a retrieval of my body around age 22 and a closet full of these magical clothes by church & state. A girl can dream...or be re-inspired to get herself to the gym. A peek through their online lookbooks is a real treat...love the styling, the vintage details, and overall sweetheart quality! Found today via Daily Candy!
Current Collection:
25% off today through Saturday!
Items from previous collections...
(my favorites from are from the dreamy collection:
the happys. the sads. and the buttermilks!)

Back detail of The Delaware Dress- Fall 2008

if church & state were a day of the week, it would be sunday. if it were a baked good, it would be a homemade pie. if it were a liquor, it would be bourbon. & if church & state were a friend, it would be the best one. - excerpt from church & state about statement

Birdie Handmade

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I came across the wee homespun creations of Birdie Handmade on the front page of Etsy today. I see stars in her fine little details and vintage trimmings! The entire shop is a delight... full of delicate handmade clothes and dolls for "girls who chase rainbows and converse with fairies." She has a sweet blog too! Xo
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Papier Mache Children's Magazine for All Ages!

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Oh...my heart swells this morning as I work my way back again and again through  this most incredible treasury of art and kids and design and handmade marvels...have you seen it? Papier Mache- A free online bi-annual magazine full of wonder and light! I was marveling over the work of Barbara Berrada again when I came upon Papier Mache via Barbara's blog b/c the new edition features several pieces of her artwork and imaginings!  Its simply chock-full of the sweetest and most artful editorials and links by a collaborative effort of some truly imaginative folks!  xo

The curls- of course- and the brooch by my favorite doll artist, Eva MonleĆ³n
aka Misako Mimoko had me at Hello!

Soil...handmade clothes for kids

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I really need a little person of my own to decorate. The details and sweet styling of Ramona Danso's handmade line of kid's clothing and accessories called, Soil is simply the bee's knees! I really want to wear these things, myself! She does say she's open to custom and some adult sizes! xo
Library Day Dress in Avocado
I Love her mismatched buttons!

Sandbox Knickerbockers
Check out the sweet little button on the cuff!

Homeade Stripes Tee
I'd like the cape too!

Library Day Dress in Red
She couldn't be any cuter!

Soil is a small batch and one-of a kind, line of clothing and accessories designed and sewn by Ramona Danso. I adore the things that have been passed down to me from previous generations, and love that I can still wear some things as well as pass them on to my own children. This inspires me to create heirloom quality items that are reminiscent of storybooks, nursery rhymes and clothing styles from my own childhood and beyond.
--excerpt from Soil's (Ramona Danso) artist profile

Elsa Mora's The Hidden Seed

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Today while browsing Flickr I came across these vibrant photos of artist, Elsa Mora and they lead me to her style blog, The Hidden Seed. I was initially head over heals for her amazing color and style but after reading her reasons for starting the blog...and well I can identify and its got me all verklempt. The amazing Elsita that we all know and love is afterall, human-- just like the rest of us. Thank you for being my inspiration and motivation today, Elsa! xoxo

Photos copyright Elsa Mora
Visit The Hidden Seed.


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I am so smitten with everything from Bird that I had a pie in the sky notion to buy one of each of these for myself today. That is, of course if some money fell from that sky. Oh well, a little looksee won't hurt!

Alternative Outfitters

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I'm in Savannah visiting with my friend Amy and our friend Tera from LA...we haven't all been together in almost seven years! Tera has on the cutest vegan shoes today from her friend's shop, Alternative Outfitters, a vegan boutique in Pasadena. I love her selection and the prices are super too! xo

Doe-San Francisco

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It had been awhile since I checked Doe's website and I wasn't prepared for all the gloriousness that ensued! I didn't realize just how extensive their clothing and accessories offerings were-and most from independent designers! I thought they mainly carried creative housewares and papergoods-but I was seriously and thankfully mistaken! xo
Doe's online exclusive Atelier Bath and Body line.

Feral Childe

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I swear sparks flew out of my computer today when I came across the work of design duo, Feral Childe. I am more than a little flipped out over their accessories and the collage-art lookbook for their 2008 apparel collection. I love the story of how the two designers met and formed their collaboration-I've included it below! View their entire portfolio on their website. Xo
Feral Childe Accessories available through

Excerpt from Feral Childe's Daily Planner Look Book