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Storybook Cottage Home for Sale: Dallas, Texas

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My sister Meredith's darling home is on the market! I've wanted to share her sweet home on my blog for a long time...but she has a busy family with two young boys...so finally here it is and it could be yours!  Its located in the coziest area called Lower Greenville complete with great neighbors, sidewalk cafes,  boutiques, and great schools. See the listing here for more photos and information. I know they are sad to leave this home and their beloved friends and neighbors...but look out Austin, here come the Gentners! xo
The sweetest home in Dallas, Texas
(If I do say so myself!)

Her living room looks like its torn from a magazine spread.
She is a vintage restorer extraordinaire!

Dining Room
Breakfast Nook
Family Room
Master Bedroom
One of two upstairs bedrooms.
Side Porch. 
I love all the nooks and crannies of this home.
Click here for the listing information

A Golden Anniversary!

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This is a Very Happy Anniversary Wish
to my darling Aunt Nancy (my mom's sis!)and Uncle Ivan Borbas
who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday!

Los Angeles
(The wedding photographer's camera malfunctioned
and this is one of the few photos of their wedding day!)

i miss you mom!!!

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Mama and me-Don't we look like sisters?
I've been away from home less than 24 hours again and I'm already missing my mother so much it hurts. Why, oh why did I have to go and move so far away?! Thank you Mom and Dad for making our home and holidays so warm and wonderful! I love you!! oxoxoxo
i loves me mama so much. xo

feeling fall...

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Despite the fact that it's still about 90 degrees outside...I've been feeling fall in my studio lately. Over the weekend I met up with my sister in Charleston and stayed with her dear friends on the idyllic, Daniel Island. We trolled around King St. Saturday and ended the day with some yogurt and a mani/pedi that was waaaay overdue. Yesterday we drove over to Sullivan's Island to eat at Poe's for lunch...a fun place to take visitors. I took my sister this belated birthday gift. I'm not sure if it's quite the folksy/tramp art I had envisioned, but It was fun to make. I embedded the names of her family in with all the bric-a-brac.
pls. excuse the generic photo that came with frame.

Kinda gaudy, huh? I'm hoping its sooo crazy, that its good.

Anyhoo...now I'm working on an all white similar number for my mom-who won't be reading this as she's at an artist's workshop in Colorado! If your birthday is next, wait for it...you're probably getting one too. Then, this afternoon, I made this....
I had broken an old milk glass pedestal dish awhile back and it became the perfect little base for a new art and found nest. This nest includes lots of vintage millinery flowers and leaves, old lace and netting, glass baubles, an antique frozen charlotte doll head, feathers, and whatever else I had nearby. I'm going to be really sad when the day comes that I can no longer find these old spun cotton birds-new ones just won't do. xo

Sweet Sarah Edith

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My dear friend Pamela, of Ophelia Golly recently traveled to Arkansas to celebrate her grandmother, Sarah Edith Buckley's 1ooth birthday! Pamela has always adored her sweet grandma. I remember a birthday party she had for Pamela about ten years ago- a backyard picnic where she sat telling us funny stories with an old Victrola playing in the background. Pamela taped some video of her last week...but never let Grandma know what she was up to as she wanted to capture her completely natural. I wish I had done the same with my Grandma...I miss her voice and mannerisms so very much. If you listen closely to this video of her preparing some potatoes for soup, you can hear Pamela's grandma say..."look out yonder...for some vegetables" which completely melts my heart every time. Thanks for letting me share this Pamela! xox

Visit Pamela's blog, Ophelia Golly to see more from her trip and you'll also find Grandma Buckley's recipe for Southern Fried Cornbread! Yum!

Happy New Year!

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How are you?? I'm here trying to get back into the swing of things after much fun with my nieces and nephews at my parents home in Fayetteville. There was much cooking, cleaning, playing, laughing, tiny bit of crying, singing-What a talent show! and lots of homemade and photo gifts-as was the rule this year. It made for a much sweeter holiday and a lot less plastic junk! A BiG Thank you to Mom and Dad...who hosted this Christmas for everyone despite mom recovering from foot troubles and dad's fourth ankle surgery! We carry your love and generosity with us everywhere we go~xoxo!

Paintings by Bonnie Runnels

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I have mentioned before that my mother is an incredible Fine Art painter-and last Saturday she won "Best in Show" for the second year in a row at The Art Center of The Ozarks, 14th Annual Northwest Arkansas Artist's Exhibition! ConGraTulaTions, Mom!! I finally have a few of her beautiful works to show you-all are original oil on canvas. xo
Still Life with Olives (Last year's winner!)
20"x 24" nfs

Brian (This year's winner!)
20"x 24" sold

Still Life with Pocketwatch
20" x 24" $800.
available through Art Center of the Ozarks

24"x "30 nfs

11"x 14" nfs
(My sweet niece makes a lovely model!)

Autumn in Arkansas

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My mother sent me these photos taken over the weekend. My sister and her sweet family were visiting my parents at home in Fayetteville and decided it was time for some new family photos. The leaves appear to be at their peak and my niece and nephews (and dog, Buddy) were having fun playing in the leaves. I miss them all so much....but will see you all at Christmas! xoxo

The Goofy shot is always my favorite!

Happy Birthdays!

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Today is my sister Meredith's birthday!
I hope you're having a wonderful day!
Best Birthday wishes to my nephew Harry O'Neill
who will be turning #9 tomorrow!
(I heard there was a big campout in the backyard last night! Fun!)
Two very special friends- Amy Z. and Tera L. celebrate their
birthdays tomorrow too! Happy Birthday, sweet friends!
I love you all and wish everyone lots of
good fortune and health, and a fun and prize-filled new year!

for my mother...

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Happy Birthday!!!
Thank you for inspiring me with your hard work and
creativity! I love you so very much! xoxo

Mom and me circa 1978.
As busy as she was with three pre-teen kids and a toddler-she carved a little space out in the garage and found time to paint! She is my hero! I hope this is me and my son or daughter someday! xoxo