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Message d'Amour

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The sweetly homespun details of Inge de Jonge's art and handicrafts have me reeling with warm fuzzy thoughts of friends and family today.  I believe she has a brick and mortar shop in Avignon, France  (if you are lucky enough to be in that region) and thankfully for the rest of us she has set up shop, Message d'Amour on Etsy!

Sweet Jessie's Dreamcatchers

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I interrupt my hiatus to tell you that Sweet Jessie has listed several of her magical Sweet Dream Dreamcatchers! I asked her awhile back to pretty, please tell me when she made more and she has!  Check them out in her etsy shop and read her descriptions for more behind the legend of dreamcatchers! 
Sweet Jessie's Sweet Dream Dreamcatchers
Sweet Dreams Dreamcatcher 04
Sweet Dreams Dreamcatcher 05

Pony Show

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I wish I may, I wish I might, be at the opening for Pony Show tonight.  Three of my favorite artists...Halligan Norris, Josh Goleman, and Maura Ambrose will open their collaborative exhibit tonight at their work collective, Part Time Studios in Philadephia from 6-9pm. Check out a preview of all the pony magic...xo

{Photos by Josh Goleman}

2031 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, Pa 19125
(215) 948-2242  info@parttimestudios.com

NYrika Knit Coverall Hats

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Would it be wrong to have a baby in order to dress one in these adorable coverall knit hats? I think it might be criminal not to! They are handmade in a soft non-scratchy baby yarn by Nurika Y. Khegay in New York and available in her Etsy shop. Maybe I could wrestle one on my cat? xo

Appliqué Your Way Blog Tour Interview with Kayte Terry!

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A formal introduction probably isn't necessary for my special guest today! Most of you already know and love writer/stylist/crafty lady for hire, Kayte Terry! I am tickled pink to have her stop by today as part of her blog tour for her beautiful new book, Appliqué Your Way-35 Pretty Sewing Projects and Patterns!
I fell in love with Kayte's vintage-handmade-modern-crafty style the moment I came across her blog, This is Love Forever. That must have been about two years ago now! I immediately posted about her work on my blog and left her love notes of admiration in the comment section of her blog until eventually we became internet pals. She was a super sweetheart to invite me to contribute a project to her new book...which was beyond fun and exciting for me! Thank you, Kayte!
Kayte's sewing basket

Kayte kindly answered some questions I had for her about how she goes about gathering and processing inspiration and ideas for new projects...

Katie: Are you a sketchbook keeper? I hadn't heard you speak of it on your blog. I know I've never been able to keep one for very long. How do you go about collecting and formulating your ideas? Do you keep a sketchbook or some kind of catalog system? I know you juggle several design jobs at once and wonder how you keep it all organized!?

Kayte: I am like you, I can’t keep a sketchbook for long. I always have good intentions but it just doesn’t stick so I have millions of half finished books lying around. That’s one of the reasons I decided to start a blog: so I could keep a record of all the things I loved in one place.

Besides the blog I have lots of inspiration books & little portfolio books that have clear plastic sleeves to hold all of my magazine tears. I have them organized by things like “craft", “rooms and interiors” , “fashion”, etc. I am an incredible magazine hoarder and book buyer.

Kayte's Fabric Watermelon

Katie: Do you have any unusual times or means of working out your ideas?

Kayte: I am actually a morning person in disguise as a late-night person. I love staying up late and claim that I get a lot of work done then but really, my mind is clearest early in the morning. As I get older and have less desire to stay out late, this has become an easier task. I am a serious multi-tasker and it’s pretty hard to get me to sit down and do one thing. I’m trying really hard to get more focused. Since I seem to always have a million things going on, I like to break down my task list into tiny little things so I can cross a lot off and feel accomplished! I make lists constantly.

Doily Trivets-Appliqué Your Way-page 64

Katie: What's your studio/office like? What are the most important factors necessary for you to thrive in your workspace?

Kayte: I have a little alcove in the corner of our loft for all my crafty stuff. I keep everything either in bins on restaurant supply shelving or in this old metal cabinet I found at a flea market. I like things to be out in the open but also shelved and organized. My sewing machine is always out and ready to go and all my sewing supplies are neatly stored near-by. I love to play around with displays of little bits and bobs that inspire me, like vintage millinery supplies or jars of buttons. These things are functional but also beautiful.
Kayte's loft- and her perfect-for-craft-supply-storage medical cabinet!

Katie: What are the top five tools/supplies you keep within reach at your creative workspace?

Kayte: 1. My Bernina 2. Straight Pins 3. Lots of scissors- I’m always losing them! 4. Thread in tons of colors 5. Rotary cutter

Kayte's work area!

Katie: Where do you think you end up sourcing inspiration for most of your project ideas? I know you like to revive vintage crafts as well and wonder how you resolve the situation of making the project new and uniquely yours?

Kayte: That’s a really interesting question. I guess I try to think of ways to honor the technique and the craft but still to make it my own. I like to deconstruct quilts and patchwork, and make them geometric and modern. I do love nature too and I am always inspired by it but in a kind of remote abstract way. I live in a big city and what I make is often part of a yearning for nature and simplicity. I have a tendency to romanticize nature because I haven’t lived around it in many years so I am inspired by it. I guess I sort of take what I like from nature and try not to think about the rest!

How Does your Garden Grow Apron -Appliqué Your Way-page92

Katie: Are there specific places, things, music you like to visit, observe, or listen to when you're seeking inspiration or motivation for a new project?

Kayte: I love to travel and I always have a list a mile long of places I want to visit when I go to a new place. I just went to Art Basel in Miami and it was just incredible. The amount of art I saw was almost overwhelming but I was buzzing with excitement for days afterward.

When I get blocked creatively, I just go for a walk: I can walk fro miles and miles and daydream and clear my head. Walking is also great for people watching, anther big inspiration for me.

Katie: Who are some of the artists/crafters/designers that you find yourself repeatedly looking to or admiring?

Kayte: I am inspired by so many crafters and designers that it’s hard to pick out just a few but as far as artists go, right now my favorites are: Jean Shin, Eva Hesse, Louise Nevelson, Cézanne, Louise Bourgeois, Andy Goldsworthy, Ghada Amer, Patrick Dougherty, Simone Pheulpin, Megan Whitmarsh, Holly Farrell, Tara Donovan, the list goes on and on.

Thank you for sharing, Kayte!

And lastly, I can't help but share my project-
The Garden Party Headband- page 36!
That's pretty Kayte herself modeling the headband!

I am so completely honored and proud to be a small part in Kayte's craft masterpiece! I am so in awe of the artful details in the book- from the clever projects (my holiday break plans include the Butterfly Swarm Sweater!), the pretty vintage graphics and typical sweet Kayte stylings, to the sweet pocket full of patterns in the back! If you don't have your own copy by now- please leave a comment on this post to enter your email address to win a free copy of Appliqué Your Way provided by Chronicle Books! I'll pick a random entry from those entered by midnight EST tonight and announce the winner tomorrow! oxo


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Happy Friday! I've been immersed this morning in the imagery of UK designer, the beautiful Eva of Tinctory. I think the biggest reason why I love blogging so much is the few minutes each-ok, most-day(s) that I'm able to lose myself in the world of another artist. I've long admired Tinctory's work on Etsy but only came upon her Flickr album and blog this morning. Here are a few of my favorite shots of her work, her natural dyeing process, and bits of inspiration. xo
The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed from exhausted walnut dyebath

The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed with hawthorn berries

Four feathers in progress

Eva's journal of a cherry leaves dyelot

overdying indigo with goldenrod and tea
i am so sad i missed out on this one...find it here.

mine to keep
Pretty Eva wearing a piece from her autumn collection.

ok...now back to work! xo

Terrific Hats by Terry Graziano...

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How wonderful are these hats by Terry Graziano!!? They are all handcrafted by the artist in her New York studio from fantastic, high quality, mill-end surplus fabrics that would otherwise end up wasted in the landfill! They are all lined in silk, adjustable and can be fashioned in several different styles-depending on your mood! I love, love, love their vintage modern styling...which I believe resulted from Terry growing tired of trying on one too many tight and tiny vintage hats. I love her descriptions too..."It is the ideal hat to wear for all of your capers! Accomplice is a cozy cloche with a twist, a pleat, an asymmetrical brim. Look like a sweetheart one moment, a tough-as-nails broad the next, you'll only be identifiable by your unerring sense of style." Available online from her Etsy, Big Cartel, and Trunkt. I believe she also serves as her own model...and what a doll she is! xo
Fedorable in plaid wool

This Way and That
reversible headband, earwarmer, fascinator

Fedorable- in blue wool

Monica Burnett

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Monica Burnett of Appleheart and Gwin kindly sent me a link to view the Fantastic Yarn Wreath she made! I adore it! I love how funky it is- the pinks and oranges-and those shiny pink apples! I was working on some custom pinks, red, and orange wreaths for a client- and seeing hers has inspired me to ramp them up a bit! Thanks, Monica! Check out Monica's excellent vintage shop, etsy shop, hat shop and blog! xo

Monica (that's her sweet self!) modeling her Boulder Beanie.

I love this pink and green combo!

Model in a crochet headband
(Monica-this has to be your sister?!)

Wood & Wool

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Oh, my! Just when I thought I'd seen enough peeling barn wood...along comes Ingrid! A Dutch artist whose shop Wood & Wool is filled with the loveliest homespun creations made from just that- found wood and wool! Her Christmas trees are too wonderful and the perfect solution for our home this year! Ninainvorm posted a super interview with Ingrid here.  {Etsy} {Flickr} xo

The lovely Ingrid with a stack of her crochet and wood stools.


Found this treasure thanks to dottie angel!


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We've all seen her peeking out from the pages of Etsy from under those dark bowl cut bangs. Its a cool rainy morning here and the sight of her oversized knit hat on the front page looked so inviting, I simply had to spread the love of Yokoo here today! I love this artist for the extreme lengths she goes to in styling herself for her product shots. I don't know her but I'm pretty sure her everyday look is just as specatacular- or rather this is her everyday style! And, hello? Who among us can resist a grand pom-pom or yarn glasses? Find her Featured Seller interview here in case you missed it! Reading it made me love her even more. xo

instant gratification from Marañón

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This embroidered necklace just caught my attention while visiting the Storque today! I mean...have you ever? I had a dig-through-her-sold-items-manic-attack to see what I'd already missed! Visit spinthread's Marañón-they are selling out as I write this! xo

domestic-construction is farm fresh!

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domestic-construction has relocated their studio from Brooklyn to a farmhouse in upstate New York. I love the new work that all that fresh air has inspired! These girls never cease to enchant me with their fresh approach to homespun traditional arts! xo
the noble heifer
reverse applique wall hanging

a horse named harry
reverse applique wall hanging

dessert time
vintage plate clocks!

Check out their new blog to see more photos of the latest d-c projects- including one of my favorites-their farmhouse kitchen redesign!
The girls installed an abstract fabric wall map of the farm property
and mason jar lamps in their communal farmhouse kitchen!

farm property map detail

They found another use for their broken dishes and
bits left over from their Ted Lights by creating a mosaic backsplash!

Skunkboy Creatures

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Katie with one of her Skunkboy Creatures

I just did a search of my own blog to verify my gnawing fear that I hadn't featured one of my very favorite Etsians and art doll makers, Katie of Skunkboy Creatures! I can't find any hint that I have although I've always told myself-yes you did. Well, no I surely didn't! After some serious deep thinking (ow!) I've brought up some repressed memories that the several times in the past when I would have done it- I stopped when I realized another blogger was posting about her the very same day! (end of sad long story excuse)
I've long admired the sweet homespun details of Skunkboy Creatures handmade (and made to order when purchased!) art dolls. For me- the enchantment of her work is in the recycled grey felt, her colorful top-stitching and the expressive button eyes-such as in little Suzette the Elephant. I imagine the artist might actually be a sweet little country woman making these for the children of travelers who stop by her little folk house. The details and colors are recollected from memories of her childhood outdoor adventures and the rare experience of attending a travelling circus menagerie that once came through a nearby town. Katie's real life muses for her magical and exceptional creatures can be found via her blog! *Katie also sings and plays a mean accordian...I mean, what a triple threat!! xo

Camille and Owly Owls in Love
Enlarge this to see more clearly her precious scalloped eyelids!

I'm crazy in love with Monkeys little green ears and stripes!

Owl Wedding Cake Toppers-Custom Designs
Her big doe eyelashes make me want to do it all over again!

Snail and Snail Mini-see similar here
I think can use the mini's base button to fasten her to your lapel!?

Robin Robin
Oh, that ruffled breast! Check out her
size in the first photo!

threaded...first friday in Greenville

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Lucky folks living near Greenville, SC shouldn't miss the First Friday and Saturday group exhibit, Threaded...brought to you by the talented group at Flatiron Studios! Included as always are new treasures from Art& Light Gallery, Knack Furnishings, Lily Pottery, Blue Moss Girls, Kyle Buttram, and several guest artists too! Open tonight 6-9 pm and tomorrow from 10 am-3 pm. Here's a small preview...
This weekend at Flatiron Studios!

Vintage Doily Sweaters and tees from Blue Moss!

Mixed Media by Laurie (tba)

New Furnishings and Treasures from Knack!

Vintage Furniture at Art & Light Gallery

Fabric Accessories by Jen Moreau

Flatiron Galleries located along the Pendleton Ave. Arts District.