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Sheena & Ezra's Lakeside Wedding

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I'm honored to feature the wedding photos of Sheena and Ezra Birt's May Wedding. I wrote a few weeks ago about the topper I made for their wedding cake and now I'm finally delivering on the photos of the rest of their charming lakeside wedding. Sadly, I was unable to attend... however the photos below, taken by Chloe Jennings, beautifully reconstruct the magical moments of the day! I've listed the vendor information below the photos...and you'll notice that Sheena and Ezra, with the help of their creative friends, were responsible for all the charming decorations- from the flowers and centerpieces,  handmade fabric wreaths and buntings, to Ezra's hand drawn wedding invitation illustrations. What an impressive feat (disclaimer: they are all professional artists-so don't fret)! I love thoughtful handmade weddings such as the Birt's...they seem so much more personal and special. Congratulations and Thank you for sharing, Sheena & Ezra! xo

 Photography: Chloe Jennings (Thank you for sharing, Chloe!)
Wedding Venue: Wasatch Lake, Poland, Indiana
 Invitations: Ezra Birt, SheandE
Wedding Gown: Watters Too
Hair and Hair Accessories: Brooke Lindemann, Leather Feather Stone
Cake: Amy Lore, Cakelore
Cake Topper: Yours truly, Katie Runnels, The Constant Gatherer
Reception Band: Yearbook Committee
 Decorations and Event Planning: The Bride and Groom and their talented wedding party!

Congratulations Sheena & Ezra!

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Wedding Invitation Art by Ezra Birt

Custom Wedding Topper for Sheena and Ezra 

I was so happy to be a small part of my friend, Sheena Rogers- now Sheena Birt and Ezra's wedding celebration this past weekend! Here is the wedding cake topper I made for them using their wedding colors and some little personal details to match the darling illustration Ezra created for their invitations!  Sheena is a fellow Savannah College of Art and Design Alumna and she is an amazingly creative artist currently working her magic at the Indianapolis Anthropologie.  I hope to have more photos of their artful wedding to share with you soon! Congratulations and Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Birt! xoxo

Strawberry Swing Craft Fair- Kansas City!

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So, my incredible friend, Heather Baker, of Bebe & Alice is organizing a Super Indie Craft Fair to be held this summer in Kansas City! She kindly allowed me to design the poster- actually more of a collaboration in the end-so fun- and in the process I actually ended up with three versions. The one above being the third and my favorite. But she's posted all three on the Strawberry Swing blog and we would love your input on which one you think is most successful! I'm really hoping to make it down to K.C. for the Swing, Heather has planned for much fun and handmade goodness! Visit the blog here for more info on attending/vendors/sponsoring! xo

bebe + alice

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A Big Ol' Thank You to my friend, Heather Baker of Bebe + Alice for the kindest housewarming surprises in the mail yesterday! (And I don't even have the house yet-please say a prayer and cross your fingers for us- as we have hit a another roadblock!) Anyhoo- Its been a long time coming for me to post about Bebe + Alice, (now two shops!) where she offers a wide selection of her  sweet upcycled vintage handmade home and wearable goods. This is one industrious and inspired woman and I am so thankful to have found such a lovely friend via the internets!  xoxo

Etsy's Storque features ShopSCAD's Amy Zurcher!

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Hooray for my bff, co-creator and Director of shopSCAD, Amy Zurcher for her fantastic guest post on the Storque today! (I think photographer, Adam Kuehl did an amazing job capturing the sweet spirit and wild creative energy of Amy and the shop-so I'm shamelessly reposting several of them!) 
PS. Thanks as always, Amy for sharing the spotlight with me...you are truly my greatest fan! xoxo
PPS...Since I've been in hiding, Amy started a new blog for ShopSCAD...take a looksee if you haven't already!
The Fabulous Mrs. Amy Zurcher at ShopSCAD, Savannah.

Amy holding an exquisite painting by, Monica Cook.
I find them both fascinating!

Interior shot of ShopSCAD, Savannah looking quite spiffy!

ShopSCAD, Savannah's Creative Team, Kyle Millsap, Amy Zurcher,
and Whitney Dail...arranging the larger than life puzzle that is the salon style wall o' artwork!

I love this photo Adam took of the beloved chandelier which has been added
to in layers over time by myself and Kyle! The art dolls featured are by Emily Marie Cox.

Photography by Adam Kuehl and courtesy of ShopSCAD
Used with permission.

Kipper Millsap has a Dandy New BloG!

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I've been meaning to tell you to be sure to check out my favorite Man-Craft Magician, Kyle Millsap's new blog: Kipper Millsap! Remember Kyle's adorable place from back when? He's also the Visuals Manager at shopSCAD...so you know he's swimming with creative ideas...and he's sharing them!! So, scooch over Mr. Oldham, and make room for your new bff....Kipper Millsap! xo
Kyle's own collage header shows off his mad vintage-inspired graphic design skillz! I adore his style!

Visit Kipper Millsap to learn how to build your own display pegboard!

Kyle's Millsap original bedazzled bow-tie.
Learn how to make your own just in time to make Father's Day Fabulous!
Kyle Millsap. Hello, handsome.
Kyle is the only man I've ever met who can completely rock
a brooch and he can show you how!

Lovin' from the NYT...

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Woowhee! Check out this super article from Brooke Hodge about shopSCAD in The New York Times today! Amy kindly shared our story with the writer and once again shared the limelight of shopSCAD glory with me...and she needn't! She has taken the shop to an entirely new level of awesome-ness since I was there! (Speaking of which...a print catalog that is so fabulous it blows my mind is under construction as I write this-consider yourself warned!) Unfortunately, Amy's last name was misspelled a-gain. {New note: it has been corrected!} Its Amy Zurcher..."enterprising retail director" eXtraOrdinaiRe!!  Soon to be a household name so's you better get it right! xo 

My friend, the stylist and some pretty Perfect Porches

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A fantastic new book, Perfect Porches, by Savannah College of Art and Design President, {the prolific} Paula S. Wallace is now available! My dear friend and shopSCAD director, Amy Zurcher worked as a stylist for several of the shoots involved and we've been anxiously awaiting its debut! I'm so thrilled Amy was chosen to help with this project as she is an incredibly talented stylist and only a handful of friends, employers and customers have known this for years! Congratulations, Amy! I believe that All your creative contributions should be preserved in print! xo
Perfect Porches can be purchased at shopSCAD!

The ever talented Chia Chong and Adam Kuehl are 
responsible for the beautiful photography!
Image from Perfect Porches

Image from Perfect Porches

Savannah College of Art and Design President and Author, Paula S. Wallace.
Isn't she incredible!? This is one of my favorite unguarded press shots of her.
Learn more about her here!

Kyle Millsap's Mini-Rancho Campo del' Arte

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What a treat for me today to share the home/office/hideaway of the crazy talented window dresser, stylist and all-around super-duper shopSCAD Visuals Manager(pant, pant), Kyle Millsap! (I do loves me some Kipper!)
Kyle Millsap with Amy Zurcher at the shopSCAD Holiday Dinner Party last month!

I've gone on about Kyle's incredible work at shopSCAD here before- but was super excited to see updates on his living quarters- which, when I saw it last a few months back- was sad and bare. The gray days are over for this sweet little (and I do mean little-15' x 18' to be exact!) cottage in the heart of Savannah's quaint Ardsley Park!

Bitsy greets guests at the top of the stairway entrance to the apartment. Ok,Baby painting by Tim Wirth- an artist whose work Kyle has already accumulated a most impressive collection!

At the top of the stairs we get our first view of Kyle's cool boyscout kitsch collections of flags, pennants and camp gear. A collection he comes by honestly...Kyle has graduated through the ranks, from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scouts- and he's still a registered Scouter! He mounted an apartment-friendly peg board along the far wall to house his ever-expanding art collection.

Kyle keeps his dandy footwear in sight and at the ready for walkin' his Dogie.

Bitsy rests her sweet self on the the perfect Ikea couch solution for this small space. Kyle found his sweet little coffee table on the side of the road. The colorful handmade quilt over the back of the couch was made by his Great-Grandmother Patrick. The hanging flag pennant was made by Kyle's good friend, Haylie Bird Waring.

I spy some art favorites up there- like Jay Schmetz, Yoswadi Krutklom, and a big screenprint by Jen Jenkins. Can you find the taxidermied blowfish lantern?!

The office corner with his antique desk (dated 1903 in pencil) found at Habersham Antiques in Savannah. This lucky cowboy has a flat screen in his pup tent! Yup, there's another Tim Wirth painting!

Kyle scavenged the wood crates from Keller's Flea Market for $5. each to create a cozy and oddball modern headboard with storage for all his loot! The vintage chenille blanket was found in Little Rock, Ar. The handmade pillow is by Rebecca Davison- available, of course, at shopSCAD!
So nice, I show it twice!

Kyle's Kitchenette- compact storage for his swamp-seed, whistle-berries & eatin' irons. (A former closet and I'm to tell you...a work in progress. Looks perfect to me!)

The layout (them's tight quarters!)
I'm so impressed, Kyle! Thank you for sharing!
Visit Kyle at shopSCAD in Savannah! xo

Back home again from Indiana...

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Amy Zurcher and I bravely made our way to Indiana before Christmas and back again...here is a bit of the alpine treachery we faced in Tennessee!
Amy Z. drove the EnTirE way...because I am a fool when it
comes to a stick-shift. Thank you, AMY!!!

We did take a time out from my carsickness and our icy fears to
admire all the pretty barns and snowy vistas along the way.

Our brave navigational feat allowed us one glorious afternoon
together luxuriating in the warm seasonal glow of a pre-holiday
Anthropologie euphoria...
Love you, Amy!! Thanks for the lift! xoxo

Pamela Buckley Handmade Wonders

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Look-see what my friend Pamela Buckley (of Thatch and Burrow) made for shopSCAD! They are the sweetest, festive, oddball ladycat, gentledog, and horse ornaments! I love them so much it hurts! If you're interested in purchasing one- hurry and call shopSCAD-Savannah before they are all gone! 912.525.5180 or email info@shopscadonline.com *NOte: These are actually still enroute in the mail to shopSCAD and not on their website- but you can reserve one by calling the shop!**

You can also buy their Victorian treasure stuffies separately!
See the entire collection in her Flickr Album... xoxo