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Sponsor Shipping Love!!

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Last minute handmade shoppers should take advantage of Barbara's sweet deal for a $2.95 Priority shipping upgrade from her already Free Worldwide Shipping (til Dec 31!). Shop Floridity and visit her blog for more! Happy Holidays and thank you, Barbara for all your kind support this year! xo

Violet Bella

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I'm delighted by the sweet birdie charms and dainty details in the handmade jewelry by Laura of Violet Bella Jewelry on Etsy. Her pieces are super affordable too! Violet Bella's work really reminds me of the early design work of my dear friend and favorite jewelry artist, Heather Wynn! xo


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Happy Friday! I've been immersed this morning in the imagery of UK designer, the beautiful Eva of Tinctory. I think the biggest reason why I love blogging so much is the few minutes each-ok, most-day(s) that I'm able to lose myself in the world of another artist. I've long admired Tinctory's work on Etsy but only came upon her Flickr album and blog this morning. Here are a few of my favorite shots of her work, her natural dyeing process, and bits of inspiration. xo
The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed from exhausted walnut dyebath

The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed with hawthorn berries

Four feathers in progress

Eva's journal of a cherry leaves dyelot

overdying indigo with goldenrod and tea
i am so sad i missed out on this one...find it here.

mine to keep
Pretty Eva wearing a piece from her autumn collection.

ok...now back to work! xo

Thatch and Burrow

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I've mentioned and snagged cool links from her several times-
so its due time for me to formally introduce...Pamela Buckley!

This is my sweet and talented friend, Pamela Buckley of Thatch and Burrow.  She is one of the loveliest and most creative girls I have ever known! She is a fellow Ozark Mountain girl currently living in Philadephia with her honey, Marc; bunny, Linus; and a few very lucky-found kitties.  Pamela creates all kinds of art objects-but her specialty is mixed media jewelry which she sells through ShopSCAD and her Etsy shop! I've collected a few of my favorite pieces below-a few of which may still be available(visit the links)! Also visit her Flickr album to learn more about Pamela and her inspirations! xo

Bird and Spoon Bracelet, detail
(Fun fact: Robert Redford purchased this from shopSCAD a few weeks ago!)

Note* This post does not even come close to being a worthy tribute to Pamela and her magic...I apologize! I'm visiting my family and working from my mother's PC-and having the darndest time!
Thanks for your patience this week! xoxo

Bonheur by Krista Raak

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Ooooh! Over-the-top girlie bohemian vintage loveliness!
Handmade by Estonian Artist, Krista Raak
and available through her Etsy shop, Bonheur or website!

Crush- long necklace from vintage textiles and findings


Bonheur - shabby chic girly bohemian

 contemporary embroidered ooak cuff


Nonchalant Bride- contemporary bridal necklace


Dolce Vita- limited edition unique hand embroidered earrings


Aqua - unique hand sewn/embroidered collar



Icy Glamour- unique elegant hand embroidered earrings



 Last three photos via her prior collections album here.


Petites Curiosities

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I'm a easy target for anything resembling a vintage dime-store or gumball machine toy...and these gorgeous gold and lacquered animal pendants from Petites Curiosities shop are no exception! Isn't the photo of the braided girl on the swing divine?! The pieces are handmade by Amélie in Paris-visit her blog for more!  xo

le lievre / the hare necklace

artist's description- 

he runs all day long like a parisian girl doing some shopping!


l'ourson polaire / the polar bear cub


le faon / the fawn necklace


le renne / the reindeer necklace


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I've been admiring the work of Malaysian artist, Tako or Evangelione. I love her soft aesthetic that carries throughout her various works and her sweet photo styling...but my favorite detail is the big hairdo that Tako remarks in her descriptions as having been very popular in the old days in Shanghai! Tako also specializes in dollhouse miniatures...visit her Flickr album for all the peeks. {blog} xo Found via Crust Station!

She's so fashionably mod!

Fresh Greens at Floridity!

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My sponsor Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf has been busy updating her shops(unlike some people)! I love the new shade of avocado green she's using in some of her new jewelry as well as her cute bird  and owl fetish beads- all handmade! She's restocked her Kit of Parts vintage supply shop too! xo

instant gratification from Marañón

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This embroidered necklace just caught my attention while visiting the Storque today! I mean...have you ever? I had a dig-through-her-sold-items-manic-attack to see what I'd already missed! Visit spinthread's Marañón-they are selling out as I write this! xo

Sacred Cake

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I love that I meet a new friend almost every day thanks to blogging or Etsy. I met Jennifer of Sacred Cake only a few days ago and already I feel I have found a kindred spirit! We were both surprised that we hadn't known about each other sooner! I especially admire her vintage assemblage pieces- whether they're for dressing your walls or your sweet self-they have a really lovely eccentric heirloom quality. She also cleverly offers customized assemblage jewelry made from your own personal collection of keepsakes- contact her for more info through her Etsy shop. xo
Marme- vintage assemblage locket bracelet
I can't resist that avocado green velvet!

I love this- especially those radiating hairpins!!

Cuyler Hovey-King

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Cuyler Hovey-King is one of my very favorite mixed media jewelry artists! I was so excited to see these new pieces listed on her site today!! I can't get over the tiny circus pony Cracker-Jack charm she turned into a unicorn! Its, bananas! (as my new favorite Bravo designer would say.) Her work is available through her website and shopSCAD! Hooray, Cuyler! You are an inspiration! xo
Bunny Ring
(Not new-but on sale!)

These are pieces available through ShopSCAD...
to inquire call 912.525.5180

Mathilde de Turckheim

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The new autumn issue of Small Magazine is online today! I'm always silly for the handmade jewelry they feature in their editorials...and today I found a prize in Mathilde de Turckheim! She's a Parisian jewelry designer who incorporates vintage found objects, fabric, beads and stitching in each of her one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces.