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Barbara Berrada- les zigouis {revisited}

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I had to revisit the ever-charming multi-talented Barbara Berrada after she announced her 2011 line on Facebook and it took me on a magical ride as always! Barbara not only designs the les zigouis line of clothing, but styles the shoots and turns the entire effort into marvelous & heartfelt art experience. Visit her blog and shop!

made by jenni

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Oh, Jenni Harley...thank you! Your lovely creations and colorful imagination have inspired me today!
Jenni's handcrafted dolls are made from vintage found hankies, doilies, fabrics, buttons, even blankets! She also makes a myriad of other fabric goodies like patchwork quilts, clothing, pillows and more...visit her Flickr album to see it all! xo
visit the made by jenni shop, website, and blog!

Doily Doll #6

Ruby's adorable collection of her Mummy's handmade dollies!

bebe + alice

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A Big Ol' Thank You to my friend, Heather Baker of Bebe + Alice for the kindest housewarming surprises in the mail yesterday! (And I don't even have the house yet-please say a prayer and cross your fingers for us- as we have hit a another roadblock!) Anyhoo- Its been a long time coming for me to post about Bebe + Alice, (now two shops!) where she offers a wide selection of her  sweet upcycled vintage handmade home and wearable goods. This is one industrious and inspired woman and I am so thankful to have found such a lovely friend via the internets!  xoxo

Message d'Amour

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The sweetly homespun details of Inge de Jonge's art and handicrafts have me reeling with warm fuzzy thoughts of friends and family today.  I believe she has a brick and mortar shop in Avignon, France  (if you are lucky enough to be in that region) and thankfully for the rest of us she has set up shop, Message d'Amour on Etsy!

Blue Carrot Shop

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Have you visited the darling vintage-wares shop, Blue Carrot Shop? Proprietor, Alexandra Charitan "a Graphic Designer by trade and a treasure hunter by preference" stocks her sweet online shop with  the kitschy collectibles and vintage goodness that usually takes hours of scouring to find! Visit the shop and blog! xo

Vintage Biology Department Specimens
ew! I'd love to have these!!

NYrika Knit Coverall Hats

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Would it be wrong to have a baby in order to dress one in these adorable coverall knit hats? I think it might be criminal not to! They are handmade in a soft non-scratchy baby yarn by Nurika Y. Khegay in New York and available in her Etsy shop. Maybe I could wrestle one on my cat? xo

Leslie Dallion

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(hello friends! today and maybe forever i'm trying something new here! In an attempt to spend less time blogging and more time working, I'm going to be whittling down my inspiration posts to images and links and cutting back on my oh, not so clever repartee-and hopefully more sharing of my own process and work. thanks for your understanding! xo)

Happy illustrations and coordinating handmade goodies
by Leslie Dallion of Pie for Blackbirds.

(available on trinket boxes in her shop!)

la la la

Birdie Handmade

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I came across the wee homespun creations of Birdie Handmade on the front page of Etsy today. I see stars in her fine little details and vintage trimmings! The entire shop is a delight... full of delicate handmade clothes and dolls for "girls who chase rainbows and converse with fairies." She has a sweet blog too! Xo
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Papier Mache Children's Magazine for All Ages!

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Oh...my heart swells this morning as I work my way back again and again through  this most incredible treasury of art and kids and design and handmade marvels...have you seen it? Papier Mache- A free online bi-annual magazine full of wonder and light! I was marveling over the work of Barbara Berrada again when I came upon Papier Mache via Barbara's blog b/c the new edition features several pieces of her artwork and imaginings!  Its simply chock-full of the sweetest and most artful editorials and links by a collaborative effort of some truly imaginative folks!  xo

The curls- of course- and the brooch by my favorite doll artist, Eva MonleĆ³n
aka Misako Mimoko had me at Hello!


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How sweet are these artful blocks and other designs by fidoodle!  Their puzzles can be made into puppets and the blocks can intermingle.  It reminds me of the game my dad and I used to play where you fold a piece of paper in half and draw a neck in the center- then you each secretly draw the top or bottom half of an animal and see what strange creature you've concocted. Surely there's a name for this game? And don't call you Shirley. xo

(Stick a kid in those goggles and
I'll take whatever yer sellin'!)

Soil...handmade clothes for kids

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I really need a little person of my own to decorate. The details and sweet styling of Ramona Danso's handmade line of kid's clothing and accessories called, Soil is simply the bee's knees! I really want to wear these things, myself! She does say she's open to custom and some adult sizes! xo
Library Day Dress in Avocado
I Love her mismatched buttons!

Sandbox Knickerbockers
Check out the sweet little button on the cuff!

Homeade Stripes Tee
I'd like the cape too!

Library Day Dress in Red
She couldn't be any cuter!

Soil is a small batch and one-of a kind, line of clothing and accessories designed and sewn by Ramona Danso. I adore the things that have been passed down to me from previous generations, and love that I can still wear some things as well as pass them on to my own children. This inspires me to create heirloom quality items that are reminiscent of storybooks, nursery rhymes and clothing styles from my own childhood and beyond.
--excerpt from Soil's (Ramona Danso) artist profile

Lundby Dollhouses

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I know what I want for Christmas! Thankfully, Jen Docherty shared this gem on her blog about the modern Lundby dollhouses. ( I didn't realize they were still in business!) They are everything I've been looking for in a home for quite some time. Maybe I could take one to an architect and say, "here's what I'd like, go with it!" I've actually been spending too much time lately searching for the perfect mid-century modern home for sale in...um, Indianapolis. We are hoping to be transferred there in the next year or two-so I am a little ahead of myself. I'd be pretty happy to play with one of these and continue dreaming....Working lights are standard! When I was little I remember thinking my grandpa was a mad scientist when he installed working lights and a crackling fireplace in my little wooden dollhouse. xo

Lundby Dollhouses and Accessories here.
Check out the parent dolls...they are somewhat terrifying!
*I just came across MiniModern Blog via Aesthetic Outburst!
If you love modern dollhouses...it's a must visit! *

Solobambini Childrens Eyeglasses

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A friend of mine was asking for color suggestions for his son's new glasses by Solobambini...and they are so stinkin' sweet I had to share them! They are made from colorful laminate and hypoallergenic soft rubber on the inside with no screws or metal parts to come apart! Below are some photos of the kids whose parents bought them a pair...they look like happy customers! Visit their site here. xo