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domestic-construction: grounded

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It would take the swell stylings of my favorite design duo- domestic-construction- to get me blogging again! I'm saving my pennies for one of their new floor mats called grounded. The next best thing for those of us unable to have the girls create one of their exquisite custom installations in our own homes! The mats are digitally printed reproductions of Trish and Maureen's incredible paper-cuts on skid-proof rubber backings. Just peachy! xo  Find them here!
The d-c girls and their new product: grounded.


 wise mountain

wise mountain, detail


Barbara Berrada- les zigouis {revisited}

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I had to revisit the ever-charming multi-talented Barbara Berrada after she announced her 2011 line on Facebook and it took me on a magical ride as always! Barbara not only designs the les zigouis line of clothing, but styles the shoots and turns the entire effort into marvelous & heartfelt art experience. Visit her blog and shop!

made by jenni

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Oh, Jenni Harley...thank you! Your lovely creations and colorful imagination have inspired me today!
Jenni's handcrafted dolls are made from vintage found hankies, doilies, fabrics, buttons, even blankets! She also makes a myriad of other fabric goodies like patchwork quilts, clothing, pillows and more...visit her Flickr album to see it all! xo
visit the made by jenni shop, website, and blog!

Doily Doll #6

Ruby's adorable collection of her Mummy's handmade dollies!

Blue Carrot Shop

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Have you visited the darling vintage-wares shop, Blue Carrot Shop? Proprietor, Alexandra Charitan "a Graphic Designer by trade and a treasure hunter by preference" stocks her sweet online shop with  the kitschy collectibles and vintage goodness that usually takes hours of scouring to find! Visit the shop and blog! xo

Vintage Biology Department Specimens
ew! I'd love to have these!!

Nikole Herriott is a baker of marvels...

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and the peddler of my dreams! In my continuing series of major girl crushes, here is one seriously sweet and talented bird: Nikole Herriott of Herriott Grace. 
Not only does she work closely with her father to create the beautiful wood pieces available at Herriott Grace, she also creates the most magical of cakes and homespun frippery to style each and every one of them. Her blog Forty-Sixth at Grace is pure delight- her posts are tiny series of heartfelt, haiku-like gems that share insight to her methods and experiences. My favorite one thus far recalls her time learning from an eccentric pastry chef who taught her the real art of icing at a pâtisserie school she attended. You simply must take some time to visit her enchanting world...her blog, flickr album and shop. xo
found via Flickr and Poppytalk!
Herriott Grace Cake Pedestal. Cake and loveliness by Nikole Herriott.

Shortbread Buttons- tutorial here


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Happy Friday! I've been immersed this morning in the imagery of UK designer, the beautiful Eva of Tinctory. I think the biggest reason why I love blogging so much is the few minutes each-ok, most-day(s) that I'm able to lose myself in the world of another artist. I've long admired Tinctory's work on Etsy but only came upon her Flickr album and blog this morning. Here are a few of my favorite shots of her work, her natural dyeing process, and bits of inspiration. xo
The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed from exhausted walnut dyebath

The Wintering Collection
silk hand dyed with hawthorn berries

Four feathers in progress

Eva's journal of a cherry leaves dyelot

overdying indigo with goldenrod and tea
i am so sad i missed out on this one...find it here.

mine to keep
Pretty Eva wearing a piece from her autumn collection.

ok...now back to work! xo

church & state

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My vanity Christmas wish would be a retrieval of my body around age 22 and a closet full of these magical clothes by church & state. A girl can dream...or be re-inspired to get herself to the gym. A peek through their online lookbooks is a real treat...love the styling, the vintage details, and overall sweetheart quality! Found today via Daily Candy!
Current Collection:
25% off today through Saturday!
Items from previous collections...
(my favorites from are from the dreamy collection:
the happys. the sads. and the buttermilks!)

Back detail of The Delaware Dress- Fall 2008

if church & state were a day of the week, it would be sunday. if it were a baked good, it would be a homemade pie. if it were a liquor, it would be bourbon. & if church & state were a friend, it would be the best one. - excerpt from church & state about statement

Terrific Hats by Terry Graziano...

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How wonderful are these hats by Terry Graziano!!? They are all handcrafted by the artist in her New York studio from fantastic, high quality, mill-end surplus fabrics that would otherwise end up wasted in the landfill! They are all lined in silk, adjustable and can be fashioned in several different styles-depending on your mood! I love, love, love their vintage modern styling...which I believe resulted from Terry growing tired of trying on one too many tight and tiny vintage hats. I love her descriptions too..."It is the ideal hat to wear for all of your capers! Accomplice is a cozy cloche with a twist, a pleat, an asymmetrical brim. Look like a sweetheart one moment, a tough-as-nails broad the next, you'll only be identifiable by your unerring sense of style." Available online from her Etsy, Big Cartel, and Trunkt. I believe she also serves as her own model...and what a doll she is! xo
Fedorable in plaid wool

This Way and That
reversible headband, earwarmer, fascinator

Fedorable- in blue wool

Papier Mache Children's Magazine for All Ages!

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Oh...my heart swells this morning as I work my way back again and again through  this most incredible treasury of art and kids and design and handmade marvels...have you seen it? Papier Mache- A free online bi-annual magazine full of wonder and light! I was marveling over the work of Barbara Berrada again when I came upon Papier Mache via Barbara's blog b/c the new edition features several pieces of her artwork and imaginings!  Its simply chock-full of the sweetest and most artful editorials and links by a collaborative effort of some truly imaginative folks!  xo

The curls- of course- and the brooch by my favorite doll artist, Eva Monleón
aka Misako Mimoko had me at Hello!

Nathalie Lete at Anthropologie

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My heart nearly exploded when I came upon Anthropologie's art gallery featuring original ceramics and limited edition silkscreens by Nathalie Lete.  Never before has her original work been so accessible in the States...and boy, howdy does Anthropologie know a good thing! Its also a good thing I don't have any money because I would probably spend it all on purchasing her work and forget about necessities like food and shelter.  xoxo


The Fat Finch!

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A shout out to my dear sponsor, The Fat Finch! I am increasingly becoming reliant on sponsorships and my graphic design work to keep my blog afloat-so THank You, Roberta and Barbara! Now, for interested parties...my Christmas wish list includes one of aNyThinG from The Fat Finch! xox

(this would keep me busy for some time!)


Tombées du Camion

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My list of must-stop shops to visit when I finally make it out of this state is growing at a rapid pace! Would you believe I've never been to Tinsel Trading Co.?! I think that for a found-object-nest-builder like myself-its kind of like a sacred pilgrimage that must be made (ok, not really)...but you know what I mean?! I do about 99% of my supply shopping online-hence my long list of favorite suppliers down there on the right. And I still cruise Ebay and the internet like a fool. However, knowing that there are emporiums out there like Tinsel Trading...and this one in Paris- Tombées du Camion-simply makes my heart hurt knowing that I...can't....get....there.....anytime soon, that is! This shop is chock full of odd little found things in large quantities- just like its name describes- "things fallen off the truck" Their website is set up in a manner similar to the way the proprietor so carefully and artfully arranges his wares...see for yourself! xoxo

Photos above via Tombées du Camion website

Shop Interior
photo via Nouveau Brocante Magazine No. 2

McMaster & Storm...Sale and New Blog!

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My dear friends Kara and Darcy, proprietors of McMaster & Storm are having a Huge Studio Sale today and tomorrow in Ohio! They are clearing out odds and ends from their former brick-and-mortar shop-including some store props!! Read more about it on their shiny new blog-which they kindly allowed me to refashion for them! They wanted a theater-esque and antique department store theme which was incredibly fun to piece together! This is my first entire blog re-do...and I can't thank them enough for placing their trust and faith in me! I learned so much and I'm ready to take on more projects! xo

Email Kara and Darcy for directions!