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Etsy's Storque features ShopSCAD's Amy Zurcher!

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Hooray for my bff, co-creator and Director of shopSCAD, Amy Zurcher for her fantastic guest post on the Storque today! (I think photographer, Adam Kuehl did an amazing job capturing the sweet spirit and wild creative energy of Amy and the shop-so I'm shamelessly reposting several of them!) 
PS. Thanks as always, Amy for sharing the spotlight with me...you are truly my greatest fan! xoxo
PPS...Since I've been in hiding, Amy started a new blog for ShopSCAD...take a looksee if you haven't already!
The Fabulous Mrs. Amy Zurcher at ShopSCAD, Savannah.

Amy holding an exquisite painting by, Monica Cook.
I find them both fascinating!

Interior shot of ShopSCAD, Savannah looking quite spiffy!

ShopSCAD, Savannah's Creative Team, Kyle Millsap, Amy Zurcher,
and Whitney Dail...arranging the larger than life puzzle that is the salon style wall o' artwork!

I love this photo Adam took of the beloved chandelier which has been added
to in layers over time by myself and Kyle! The art dolls featured are by Emily Marie Cox.

Photography by Adam Kuehl and courtesy of ShopSCAD
Used with permission.

Man Shops Globe shops SCAD!

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There was much excitement a few weeks ago when Keith Johnson visited Savannah College of Art and Design to shoot a segment for his new season of Man Shops Globe for the Sundance Channel. He was working with SCAD's design expert, Rebecca Gardner who presented him with a specially prepared showhouse of work by SCAD artists and designers. The displays were so incredible that I had to share a sneak peek of them with you here! The brilliant design team behind the magical displays are a few folks you will recognize...Amy Zurcher of ShopSCAD, and Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh of Domestic-Construction. The new season premieres June 30th, 10pm e/p. 
{Photos by Adam Kuehl.}
The exterior of the showhouse - SCAD's Smithfield Cottage- was adorned with more of those amazing giant fabric lanterns by Karen McVay Butch and Martha Enzmann!

The porch was a showcase for the colorful pillows and puffy frames by SCAD's Working Class Studio.

A peek into the library reveals a surreal vignette composed of a painting by Gregory Eltringham, pottery by Irene McCollam, antique chairs and table, cozied under another McVay-Enzmann Lantern.

A peek into the parlor reveals a collection of handcrafted pillows by several different SCAD-related artists including Working Class Studio, Paige Hathaway Thorn, Domestic-Construction,  Amelia Allen, Lauren Vass,  Laura Davis and Jessica Rogers. Pottery by Irene McCollam. Handmade bowls by Christine Gentz (acrylic woven, left) and Kara Firstenberger (right).

The dining room table-scape is a mad, bountiful collection of artwork, design and vegetables! The original drawing on wall is "Cash for Gold" by Stephanie Howard.

Detail of dining room table display. Melamine Dinnerware by Working Class Studio, Silver Teapot and Goblet Assemblages by Adam Smith, Bird in a Bell Jar Assemblage by me!

Large paintings by Summer Wheat, Modern Lichen Lounge by Christine Gentz, Wall decals by Laura Davis. Ceramic sculpture by Monica Cook!

The Ultimate Table and Woven Chairs by Christine Gentz are highlighted by four hanging knitted Tree Cozies by Karen McVay Butch. Photo in the background is "Ribbon" by Jade McCully.

Watch the season premiere of Man Shops Globe
June 30th at 10pm on the Sundance Channel!

Kipper Millsap has a Dandy New BloG!

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I've been meaning to tell you to be sure to check out my favorite Man-Craft Magician, Kyle Millsap's new blog: Kipper Millsap! Remember Kyle's adorable place from back when? He's also the Visuals Manager at shopSCAD...so you know he's swimming with creative ideas...and he's sharing them!! So, scooch over Mr. Oldham, and make room for your new bff....Kipper Millsap! xo
Kyle's own collage header shows off his mad vintage-inspired graphic design skillz! I adore his style!

Visit Kipper Millsap to learn how to build your own display pegboard!

Kyle's Millsap original bedazzled bow-tie.
Learn how to make your own just in time to make Father's Day Fabulous!
Kyle Millsap. Hello, handsome.
Kyle is the only man I've ever met who can completely rock
a brooch and he can show you how!

A Very Sweet and Southern Engagement!

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Congratulations are in order for my sweet and lovely friend, Alicia Magee! Alicia and Clay, her Texan beau of five years, are tying the knot this summer! These shots of the couple were taken by one of Alicia's best friends and fellow SCAD alumna, Nichole Barrali of nbpimages.com. The location is Fort Pulaski on Tybee Island just outside of Savannah. The couple chose this spot as it was on one of their regular weekend outings to the island with their dogs that Clay chose to surprise Alicia with a ring! Alicia is a creative pearl of a girl and its marvelous to see these photos that so capture her enchanting spirit...

Thank you for allowing me to share these Alicia! 
I am so thrilled for you both! xoxo

Lorie Corbus Art Classes!

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The awesome Lorie Corbus is forming new art classes now for adults and kids! The classes will be taught out at her beautiful bright studio in the woods near Bonaventure! She's even offering portfolio preparation for emerging artists- so those of you in Savannah,Ga...don't miss this opportunity! Click the poster to enlarge for contact info! xo
Lorie Corbus graduated summa cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2002. She was chosen as one of Georgia's Young Movers and Shakers of 2006 by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, Ga.

Liz Demos... bringing your dreamy ideas to life!

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My friend, Liz Demos-creator of @home-Savannah's sweet spot for vintage and homespun goodness is now offering her creative expertise for hire! Remember Halligan and Adam Smith's incredible wedding (featured on Once Wed and in Savannah Weddings this month)? Liz was the planner who so artfully orchestrated the two artist's ideas into the grand affair! Click here for contact info! xo

Katherine Sandoz

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My friend, artist Katherine Sandoz just posted some new abstract landscapes on her website. They are exquisite small works based on the islands and low country landscapes that surround her home near Savannah. Visit her website and blog...she is a rare and wonderful bird! xo
wassaw island abstract no. 4
8" x 8"
acrylic on birch
summer 2009

wassaw island abstract no. 2
8" x 10"
acrylic on birch
summer 2009

wassaw island abstract no. 3
8" x 8"
acrylic on birch
summer 2009

wassaw island abstract
8" x 8"
acrylic on birch
summer 2009

Statt's Benefit Tonight!

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Tickets are still available for the Statt's Benefit for those of you in or near Savannah, Ga! Check out the website to see the enormous wealth of talent and incredible auction items they have amassed for this worthwhile benefit! I donated a small bell jar sculpture for the auction even though my name doesn't appear on the roster. I've posted a nice blurry photo of it below! xo

Hans and Greta
Mixed Media Assemblage
Available Tonight at the Statt's Benefit!

Ally Hughes

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If you've browsed the new ShopSCAD website you've noticed all the artistic elements that have been incorporated into the new design! A particular favorite of mine are the graphics that were painted by SCAD graduate, Ally Hughes. The originals are each 12" x 12" and are now for sale at a great price! ShopSCAD also carries some of her incredible large works (approx 3'-4' square?)in their main gallery. I have found myself standing in front of them completely mesmerized by her colors and layering, and wishing I could paint as freely as Ally! xo
oil on canvas

Picture Perfect
oil on canvas

My Light
oil on canvas

Hot and Cold
oil on canvas

Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler at SCAD!

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If you are in the Savannah area don't miss these free events tomorrow- Thursday, the 9th at the Student Center at the Savannah College of Art and Design! "Happy Chic Design with Jonathan Adler" Lecture and Book Signing- 3:30 p.m., and "Creating Desire: The Strange World of Window Dressing" Lecture and Book Signing by Simon Doonan at 5:30 p.m. The student center is located at 120 Montgomery St., Savannah, Ga. Visit SCAD Style site for more info! xo
Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler with Liberace. Photo from Jonathan Adler: My Prescription of Anti-Depressive Living. Copyright 2005 by Jonathan Adler-Photo by Annie Schlecter

Cedric Smith

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Thanks to Cheryl Day at Back in the Day Bakery...I was turned on to the most incredible Savannah painter (and photographer), Cedric Smith who recently opened a show in Paris at the Galerie Nordine Zidoun-visit their incredible site to view all the work and find out more about the artist. {Gallerie Zidoun} {Chroma Gallery} {Etsy} {Blog}
With Sugar on Top
36 x 36 inches
print available here

Boxing Kangaroo
203 x 152 cm

Sun-Dried Tomatoes
48 x 36 inches

Artist Cedric Smith at his recent opening in Paris
at the Galerie Nordine Zidoun.
{photo by Neo Tony Lee}

Melody Postma

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My fellow SCAD grad...the super-talented painter, Melody Postma is taking part in the upcoming show, Changing Room: Women & Photography Today in Atlanta this month at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery. Viewing Melody's work in person is the best way to appreciate the many layers of paint, typography, and found photography that collide underneath the smooth layer of resin which coats each of her works. The show opens March 6 -more info below!
Mixed media on board
24 x 24 inches

Mixed media on board
30 x 30 inches

Girl, these Weren't the Games I had in Mind!
Mixed media on panel
12 x 12 inches

All Time High
Mixed media on panel
24 x 24 inches

I Love Saturdays
Mixed media on panel
12 x 12 inches

Know how to use It
Mixed media on panel
48 x 36 inches

Maybe Montana, 2008
Mixed media on BOARD
16 x 16 inches

Changing Room: Women & Photography Today

March 6th- March 28th, 2009
Opening reception, March 12, 6-9pm
425 PEACHTREE HILLS AVE #25, ATLANTA, GA 30305, T 404.492.7718
Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atlanta’s leading new contemporary photography gallery, is pleased to announce it’s upcoming group exhibition Changing Room: Women & Photography Today. The exhibition will include works of Gilles Larrain, Susan Harbage Page, Melody Postma, Michelle Repici, David Smalls, Heather Boose Weiss and Lynn Wright. Featuring silver gelatin, cibachrome, carbon pigment prints, photo-based mixed media and Polaroid transfers, Changing Room: Women & Photography Today examines the diverse and evolving persona of the modern woman and global developments in art photography. Included works use photography as the primary medium while merging, to different degrees, with other media.

@home revisited

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I paid a visit to @home-Vintage General in Savannah on Saturday and tried my best to take some decent shots of the wonderment that ensues inside this gem of a shop...
Delightful display of treasures behind the cash-wrap.
Clerk extraordinaire-Amanda Schwartz -right

Exclusive designs for @home by Jill Schwartz Elements!

I'd like to live in these jewelry cases!

Beautifully restored vintage dresser.

Its almost that time...the azaleas in Savannah are starting to bloom!

A ladylike couch in taupe linen sits in front of
a giant wall collage by owner, Liz Demos.

I really wanted to take this sweet spindle-leg desk home!

@home always stocks a hearty garden section

Looking towards the back of the shop...

My favorite spot...the vintage millinery turnstyle.

The always incredible selection of new and vintage ribbons.
Don't you love her giant scissors and spool?

Dreamy basket of industrial sized spools of thread!

The talented shop owner, Liz Demos with her
darling little boy! So very happy I got to see them! xo
320 W. Broughton Street
Savannah, GA

shopSCAD Savannah

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I made a quick trip to shopSCAD Savannah over the weekend and took some photos of a few favorites....xo
Paintings by Tim Wirth

Puffy Fabric Frames by Working Class Studio

Photo transfers on vintage tin ceiling tiles by Meryl Truett
These are really beautiful!

Big splendid jewelry by BAZZdeGRANT

I went crazy over these original prints by
Lorie Jean Corbus.
(please excuse the cellophane)
Lorie Jean Corbus Original Print

Recycled Glass Tumblers by Marissa Drake

My painting Bella and Trixie has been relocated to Savannah.
Dolls by Emily Marie Cox

Emily Marie Cox

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I mentioned Emily's paintings a few weeks ago after I saw them at shopSCAD in Savannah-but she is a triple-quadruple threat that deserves her own post! She is currently a Fiber Arts student at Savannah College of Art and Design-and I think her range of work is just incredible!
Here is a small sampling of her photo-styling, costume-making, accessory creating, fiber art work creations I've lifted from her new website! I've included her own telling statement at the end.
I Hate Horses Because They Die
from the series: Bubble Gum Revolution
All props and costumes hand-made by Emily Cox
Photography by Lucy Ann Wheeless

painting from the Paper Doll Series

The Paper Doll Series-side view

Deux Amis Dolls by Emily Cox

Deux Amis Doll-detail

Mr. Alfred Bunabun
art object-doll by Emily Cox

Twixy Tootle Toos
available at shopSCAD
Twixy Tootle Too

Twixy Tootle Too
Read more about them on her blog!

The Small Object

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Savannah artist, Sarah Neuburger has reinvented the clothespin doll through her cottage industry, The Small Object. Since I have weddings on the brain-here are some of her sweet designs that you can custom order for yours-you lucky duck! Also, her new Trophy Folk Tops are simply love handmade! Click on titles to be directed to her Etsy shop! xo
The Best Mom: Trophy Top Tots-sold
Such a clever idea!

The Best Dad No. 1-side view
I love his top hat camping attire and the super
sweet campfire log detail!

Custom Order your own Wedding Topper!

Custom Wedding Topper No.6-sold
Love orange and blue- and the brides tiny earrings!

Madame Chrysanthemum

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A new-to-me favorite stop we made in Savannah was to the color-box shop of loveliness that is Madame Chrysanthemum. Owner Michele Mikulec has created a floral design business and boutique that ravishes guests with color and contrast. I wanted to get paint swatches of every wall! I purchased some lovely little nests and feather birds to decorate my wreaths. Amy and I loved her electric red flocked shadow-box frames too! Visit the Madame at the corner of West Taylor and Whitaker street in the Downtown Design District of Savannah. Michele kindly charged my camera battery too- thank you!! xoxo
Madame Chrysanthemum
101 West Taylor St, Savannah GA

See what I mean??

Red flocked wall shadowboxes!

I'd love some giant butterflies on my wall! I wonder if my mom still has
the brass ones that were in our living room in the seventies!

I love the natural elements mixed with technicolors!

The Madame herself- the talented Michele Mikulec

Back in the Day Bakery

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Now- more from my Savannah sojourn- so hospitably hosted by my friend, Amy Zurcher. We ran around like crazy last week and needed a break from the heat and humidity! We didn't even think twice about where to go. Our favorite sweet spot in Savannah is Back in the Day Bakery. (Although, their lunch offerings are incredible as well!) Over the years Cheryl and Griff Day and their super staff have provided us with the most heavenly birthday cakes, baby cakes, cupcakes, and even a wedding cake for Amy and Randy. We love the old-fashioned recipes and their buttercream frosting can make any day brighter! Cheryl made her debut on the Paula Deen Show this past Sunday on The Food Network. Go Cheryl! You looked so pretty and the show was really funny and sweet! I'm sure they will repeat it again soon so get your Tivo ready. Check out Cheryl's blog for more!
Back in the Day Bakery
2403 Bull Street, Savannah, GA

Look at the fresh baked bread!

Pretty pink and yellow buttercream with the most delicate little fondant flowers.

cupcake + diet coke = light snack!

Lovely place to meet a friend!

Loved their vintage lamp!

new and vintage goodies for sale!
new bakery tee-shirts just in!

All the girls wear vintage aprons!

A Visit to ShopSCAD!

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Sweet Kyle Millsap surprised me by creating this display of my new work! Can you see the yarn garland he strung up above my yarn wreaths! So sweet! Thank you, Kyle!

Kyle Millsap is adorable! He is also a very talented visual merchandiser and artist-visit his website here.
The popular Plush-Kill plaques by Jessica Knapp

Top to bottom: Jennifer Jenkins Quilts and notecards, Michelle Berg-Radford Pillows, A House in the South by Paula S. Wallace, Ted Pendant Lights by Domestic Construction.

ShopSCAD candles, soap, and lip balm by Kate Callaway-Bethel.
Large stitched work, Ivory Clean by Courtney Shelton.

Mixed-media painting by Tiffani Taylor.

Untitled by Adam Smith

ShopSCAD jewelry- could be its very own shop!

Cuff and Bunny Bracelets by Megan Clark

American Women Flashcards by Camden St. Claire

Note Totes by Caydn Mosch

Gorgeous mixed media painting by Denise Falk.

Large drawing by the amazing Stephanie Howard.
Prints at left by Kyle Millsap, my Cardinal Bell Jar on right.

Large ink on paper drawing by Stephanie Howard.
I cannot get over her incredible work!
Sorry about the reflection!

Super sweet Baby Crowns by Stitchmouth (Molly Evans)

I love these works from the Paper Doll Series by Emily Cox
Paper Doll Series by Emily Cox

Working Class melamine.

I could go on posting photos forever!! But I'm afraid the rest are just too blurry! The shopSCAD landscape is forever changing and you never know what handmade treasure you will find on your next visit! Thanks for your hospitality, shopSCAD! Many thanks to Amy Zurcher, Kyle Millsap and Whitney Dail!