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My sponsor Barbara Bechtel has kindly offered to treat one lucky reader to a free set of four of her colorful handmade bird or owl beads! Just leave a comment on this post and I'll randomly choose one winner on Friday afternoon-11/6. Please be sure to leave your email address if its not linked to your comment- Thank you and Thank you, Barbara! Visit her shop, Floridity for more handmade beads and artful jewelry! xo

Winner will receive a sampler of 4, one in each color of turquoise, mustard, avocado, and harvest. ($24 value) Barbara started hand-building these beads after becoming interested interested in tribal fetish beads  as well as Japanese Netsuke.
**Comments closed! We have a winner! Rachel Morgan of Adorned by Morgan! Thanks to all!**

Tombées du Camion

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My list of must-stop shops to visit when I finally make it out of this state is growing at a rapid pace! Would you believe I've never been to Tinsel Trading Co.?! I think that for a found-object-nest-builder like myself-its kind of like a sacred pilgrimage that must be made (ok, not really)...but you know what I mean?! I do about 99% of my supply shopping online-hence my long list of favorite suppliers down there on the right. And I still cruise Ebay and the internet like a fool. However, knowing that there are emporiums out there like Tinsel Trading...and this one in Paris- Tombées du Camion-simply makes my heart hurt knowing that I...can't....get....there.....anytime soon, that is! This shop is chock full of odd little found things in large quantities- just like its name describes- "things fallen off the truck" Their website is set up in a manner similar to the way the proprietor so carefully and artfully arranges his wares...see for yourself! xoxo

Photos above via Tombées du Camion website

Shop Interior
photo via Nouveau Brocante Magazine No. 2

Oh, Buttermilk Sky!

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My sister and I love to sing that old darned catchy song together! They always play it on the "golden oldies" station in our hometown around Christmas! I found the incredible notion shop, Buttermilk Sky- thanks to the fantastic blog from Cafe Cartolina this morning(found thanks to Kara!). She has some wonderful vintage buttons, baubles and beads sorted into the prettiest little collections for sale! I have spent some time this morning just window shopping her beautifully styled photos!  I do believe that song is going to be in my head for the rest of the day-you can thank me later! If you don't know the song-listen here!

Nice Package!

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I'm a bit behind in my blog reading this week...so please forgive me for being late in spreading the word about Nice Package! Have you heard!? Two of my favorite bloggers, Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts and Marichelle Burdman of Lifeflix and Wanderlust (and formerly Heart Handmade!) have combined their creative efforts to open a fantastic new packaging supply shop! They have a keen mix of new and handmade details to make your gifts the kind that are almost too good to open! These ladies have both been so supportive of my work in the past! I wish them all the best in their new adventure! xox

 Ez and Marichelle!

Small Square Design

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I'd like to have a nice and handy back-stock of tags and cards by Basak (pronaounced Ba-shock!) of Small Square Design. She's a one-woman show out of San Francisco, publishes a swell blog and an Etsy shop-and a has a Huge Sale going on NOW in anticipation of her maternity leave! I love her delicate and unfussy hand-drawn designs! xo

Shameless Self-Promotion...

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Well, that's partly what this blog is about, yet I keep forgetting to mention here (hard to keep up with all these darn social sites!) that I am now offering graphic design services...e.g. print-ready business card designs, blog headers, Etsy banners, and slowly but surely...website design. You can take a look at some of my design work below-the ready-mades are available in my Etsy Shop or send me an email with your project details for an estimate. Times are tough...and like everyone I'm feelin' it! So, if you're looking for a mixed media/vintage inspired/artful design for your sweet self...you know who to call! xo
ps. I designed my own blog banner and website (which is under construction as time and $$ will allow!)
I also did some rebranding for my friends, Greg and Aimee Talbot, owners of Eurolux Antiques. This included a new logo, website design, Etsy banner, business card, ads, etc...
new logo design

Initial Website Design-click to view larger or visit Eurolux here.
(You will notice some changes as another person did the coding here.)

The End.

Parcel Online Shop

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Excited to find out that Parcel's online shop is now open and stocked with their signature collections of the magical bits and pieces that we all love to collect! Visit soon...I'm sure there will be a rush! xo
Faerie Wonderland Theme Parcel
a ready made collection of vintage and hard to find bits and bobs
of ephemera and millinery supplies for crafting or coveting

Cake slice box favor
Parcel's own reproduction of a rare vintage party decoration

Exotic paper parcel-
assortment of six handmade papers from India

Festoon- custom garlands with vintage, handmade and old stock
charmers strung on striped twine and ribbons.

McMaster & Storm

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Congratulations to the talented ladies behind McMaster & Storm-A Petite Department Store in Greenville, Ohio! They successfully launched their online shop today and its simply lovely! I haven't been able to visit their brick-and mortar store-so this is really exciting! I've heard my friends rave about the shop and have spent quite a bit of time longing over all the sweet treats on their blog. I love all the little vintage millinery bits, birds, and boullion nests! Way to go! Online shops are HARD!

yarn goodness

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I'd love to collaborate with Sui Li, the artist who makes these pretty crocheted flowers.
She also makes amazing paper sculptures! Visit her Etsy shop here.
Crocheted Baby's Breath by Sui Li.

Crocheted White Plum Blossoms by Sui Li.

I purchased some amazing handspun yarn from Knitty Dirty Girl to
hopefully make some extra-special wreaths! Thank you, Rachel-Marie!
Lah Dee Dah Handspun Yarn by Knitty Dirty Girl

Evergreen Handspun Yarn by Knitty Dirty Girl

Scribbles Handspun Yarn by Knitty Dirty Girl

Mossy Handspun Yarn by Milky Robot

The Knitting Fairy by Green Phoenix
Visit the artist's blog here.