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Congratulations Sheena & Ezra!

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Wedding Invitation Art by Ezra Birt

Custom Wedding Topper for Sheena and Ezra 

I was so happy to be a small part of my friend, Sheena Rogers- now Sheena Birt and Ezra's wedding celebration this past weekend! Here is the wedding cake topper I made for them using their wedding colors and some little personal details to match the darling illustration Ezra created for their invitations!  Sheena is a fellow Savannah College of Art and Design Alumna and she is an amazingly creative artist currently working her magic at the Indianapolis Anthropologie.  I hope to have more photos of their artful wedding to share with you soon! Congratulations and Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Birt! xoxo

a very white house Christmas

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I was so very impressed to learn that Savannah College of Art and Design was responsible for the design and decoration of this year's official Blue Room White House Christmas tree. Working Class Studio interns under the direction of Jonathan Osborne and ShopSCAD's Amy Zurcher and Kyle Millsap were responsible for creating the concept and actual handmade ornaments that were used on the tree.  See Amy's full post about the experience on the shopSCAD blog

Man Shops Globe shops SCAD!

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There was much excitement a few weeks ago when Keith Johnson visited Savannah College of Art and Design to shoot a segment for his new season of Man Shops Globe for the Sundance Channel. He was working with SCAD's design expert, Rebecca Gardner who presented him with a specially prepared showhouse of work by SCAD artists and designers. The displays were so incredible that I had to share a sneak peek of them with you here! The brilliant design team behind the magical displays are a few folks you will recognize...Amy Zurcher of ShopSCAD, and Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh of Domestic-Construction. The new season premieres June 30th, 10pm e/p. 
{Photos by Adam Kuehl.}
The exterior of the showhouse - SCAD's Smithfield Cottage- was adorned with more of those amazing giant fabric lanterns by Karen McVay Butch and Martha Enzmann!

The porch was a showcase for the colorful pillows and puffy frames by SCAD's Working Class Studio.

A peek into the library reveals a surreal vignette composed of a painting by Gregory Eltringham, pottery by Irene McCollam, antique chairs and table, cozied under another McVay-Enzmann Lantern.

A peek into the parlor reveals a collection of handcrafted pillows by several different SCAD-related artists including Working Class Studio, Paige Hathaway Thorn, Domestic-Construction,  Amelia Allen, Lauren Vass,  Laura Davis and Jessica Rogers. Pottery by Irene McCollam. Handmade bowls by Christine Gentz (acrylic woven, left) and Kara Firstenberger (right).

The dining room table-scape is a mad, bountiful collection of artwork, design and vegetables! The original drawing on wall is "Cash for Gold" by Stephanie Howard.

Detail of dining room table display. Melamine Dinnerware by Working Class Studio, Silver Teapot and Goblet Assemblages by Adam Smith, Bird in a Bell Jar Assemblage by me!

Large paintings by Summer Wheat, Modern Lichen Lounge by Christine Gentz, Wall decals by Laura Davis. Ceramic sculpture by Monica Cook!

The Ultimate Table and Woven Chairs by Christine Gentz are highlighted by four hanging knitted Tree Cozies by Karen McVay Butch. Photo in the background is "Ribbon" by Jade McCully.

Watch the season premiere of Man Shops Globe
June 30th at 10pm on the Sundance Channel!

SCADStyle Party Lanterns

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While I have simply nothing going on in my life other than trying to sell our home and working out of our hot packed garage for the time being...I thought I'd share with you some magical scenes from my best friend, Amy Zurcher's life. These are photos she took last weekend at Savannah College of Art and Design's SCADStyle Party in Savannah. The amazing giant lanterns were made through a collaboration between artists, Karen McVay Butch and Martha Enzmann. Aren't they incredible!? xo

Photos by Amy Zurcher!

The lanterns appear to be made from a mix of fabric created by SCAD's
Working Class Studios and the artist's own handmade prints and patterns.

Why One-of-A-Kind Matters @ SCAD Style Today!

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Attention Style-Makers, Art-Mavens and Craftster Extraordinaires!!

Don't miss today's exciting panel:
at SCAD Atlanta Today!!
Click for map!
Moderated by none other than Mrs. Amy Zurcher- shopSCAD's Brilliant Managing Director!

Featured Panelists: 
Vanessa Bertozzi- Director of Communications for Etsy.com
Faythe Levine- Artist, Director and Producer of the documentary film: Handmade Nation:The Rise of DIY Art, Craft and Design 
Heather Ross- Illustrator and Designer, Author of Weekend Sewing
(I am quietly weeping that I cannot be in attendance today...so please go fill up on the knowledge from these talented ladies and share with me your notes! Give Amy a hug for me too! xo)

Lovin' from the NYT...

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Woowhee! Check out this super article from Brooke Hodge about shopSCAD in The New York Times today! Amy kindly shared our story with the writer and once again shared the limelight of shopSCAD glory with me...and she needn't! She has taken the shop to an entirely new level of awesome-ness since I was there! (Speaking of which...a print catalog that is so fabulous it blows my mind is under construction as I write this-consider yourself warned!) Unfortunately, Amy's last name was misspelled a-gain. {New note: it has been corrected!} Its Amy Zurcher..."enterprising retail director" eXtraOrdinaiRe!!  Soon to be a household name so's you better get it right! xo 

My friend, the stylist and some pretty Perfect Porches

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A fantastic new book, Perfect Porches, by Savannah College of Art and Design President, {the prolific} Paula S. Wallace is now available! My dear friend and shopSCAD director, Amy Zurcher worked as a stylist for several of the shoots involved and we've been anxiously awaiting its debut! I'm so thrilled Amy was chosen to help with this project as she is an incredibly talented stylist and only a handful of friends, employers and customers have known this for years! Congratulations, Amy! I believe that All your creative contributions should be preserved in print! xo
Perfect Porches can be purchased at shopSCAD!

The ever talented Chia Chong and Adam Kuehl are 
responsible for the beautiful photography!
Image from Perfect Porches

Image from Perfect Porches

Savannah College of Art and Design President and Author, Paula S. Wallace.
Isn't she incredible!? This is one of my favorite unguarded press shots of her.
Learn more about her here!

Nick Cave (The Artist-Not the Bad Seed)

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*Tonight* there will be a free and open to the public performance by multidisciplinary artist, Nick Cave at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Cave is an artist and educator (Professor at The School of the Art Institute) known around the world for his "Soundsuit"creations made from a multitude of found objects-including metal toys, plastic,  fabric, and dyed human hair. He crosses his background in dance with art to create performance pieces in which his Soundsuits are animated by the movement of the dancers who wear them. More in this NYT article. The performance is tonight- Saturday, November 14 at 8 p.m., Hamilton Hall, 522 Indian St., Savannah, Ga. 

mixed media

dyed human hair

vintage beaded flowers, cotton, afghans, bird figurines

Lauren Clay...Hootenanny!

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It is always thrilling to find out when a former classmate has an opening at a major gallery! Such is the case for Lauren Clay-her new show, Hootenanny is coming up this weekend at Larissa Goldston Gallery in New York, October 29-December 19. Her work is so fresh and different-a mix of sculpture, installation, paper and plastics-its hard to know how to define it. What impresses me the most is how her forms are so seemingly geometrical, rooted in engineering or science- and at the same time are overtly "Girlie" with their pastels, curves, and occasional scallops! Her titles are brilliant and curious as well- giving context to otherwise baffling scenes that are familiar yet totally new and out of this world! Hooray, Lauren! xo

One way ticket into the nirvana thickets, 2009
Acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, foam, wire, wood
29" x 26" x 13"

Inverted Continuum, 2008
Acrylic on cut paper, acrylic mirror, papier-mâché, wood
45” x 27” x 10 1/2”

The Worlds Were In His Speech But Now They're In Reach, 2008
Acrylic on cut paper, acetate, foam
30" x 17" x 17"

Constructing Visions for Kublai Khan 2008
Acrylic on cut paper, acrylic mirror, acetate, foam
8 1/2 x 13 x 13

Your Relentless Tenderness is Our Prism Pivot Point, 2007
Acrylic on cut paper, fabric, mixed media
70 x 75 x 78 inches

There is a Place for You, In my Heart of Hearts , 2006
acrylic on cut paper, wall painting, flocking, light
85 x 96 x 45 inches 

Monica Cook at Marcia Wood Gallery

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I'm kicking myself for not remembering to post this earlier!  Tonight was the opening for Monica Cook's new exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta. The show, Seeded and Soiled will be up through November 28. I gathered a small but telling quote from Monica from the Gallery's website:
“{the figures} wrestle with debauchery and virtue, control and liberation, logic and absurdity – the beauty and repulsion inherent in each of these extremes and the magnificent struggle in our search for balance”. 

Sprouting Potatoes
oil on canvas, 48 x 48 inches, 2009

I'm intrigued by Monica as a person and an artist; from her quixotic imagery to her stunning technical painting skills-no other painter has ever impressed me more thoroughly!  More of her work can be viewed herehere and at shopSCAD-- and if at all possible be sure to view her work in person whenever possible! xo

domestic-construction is farm fresh!

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domestic-construction has relocated their studio from Brooklyn to a farmhouse in upstate New York. I love the new work that all that fresh air has inspired! These girls never cease to enchant me with their fresh approach to homespun traditional arts! xo
the noble heifer
reverse applique wall hanging

a horse named harry
reverse applique wall hanging

dessert time
vintage plate clocks!

Check out their new blog to see more photos of the latest d-c projects- including one of my favorites-their farmhouse kitchen redesign!
The girls installed an abstract fabric wall map of the farm property
and mason jar lamps in their communal farmhouse kitchen!

farm property map detail

They found another use for their broken dishes and
bits left over from their Ted Lights by creating a mosaic backsplash!

Carrie Christian

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Congratulations to my friend, Carrie Christian for her acceptance into the new Southern issue of New American Paintings! I hadn't seen her work in awhile and was so excited to see her series concerning interiors. It hard for me to imagine just how she does it- but she creates a regular collage then painstakingly hand paints the collaged image in watercolor! Visit her new website for more! She also has work at shopSCAD-including some made in collaboration with her new hubby, Woodie Webber!
Dollhouse III
32" x 32" 2009
watercolor on paper

Dollhouse III, detail

Dream House
33" x 40" 2007
watercolor on paper

Dream House, detail

Interior I
15" x 22" 2008
watercolor on paper

Interior I, detail

32"x 42" 2009
watercolor on paper

Christmas, detail

These works begin as a means to gain control but deepen into a borderline devotional experience. All my life I have developed rituals to soothe myself into feeling I had some power over my circumstances. These paintings represent my anxieties while providing an escape from them. The act of translating each collage into watercolor creates an intimacy that mimics inhabitance. I am able to “live” in these works while I am painting them. Ultimately I am locked out as I find myself always on the outside of them, always left looking in.
-Carrie Christian. (thanks, Carrie!)

Jason Hackenwerth at ArtPrize

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Hey Michigan friends! If you are lucky enough to make it to Art Prize in Grand Rapids-remember to register to vote-and please consider my old classmate-The brilliant Jason Hackenwerth and his mind-blowing (bad, i know) balloon sculpture-see below! Read all about the insane competition that is Art Prize-in this article. You can sign up online- but unfortunately you have to be there in person to confirm you actually witnessed the art- and then you're able to text or vote online. Go, Jason!

Jason with his Empress!
via Brian Kelley Photography

Cuyler Hovey-King

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Cuyler Hovey-King is one of my very favorite mixed media jewelry artists! I was so excited to see these new pieces listed on her site today!! I can't get over the tiny circus pony Cracker-Jack charm she turned into a unicorn! Its, bananas! (as my new favorite Bravo designer would say.) Her work is available through her website and shopSCAD! Hooray, Cuyler! You are an inspiration! xo
Bunny Ring
(Not new-but on sale!)

These are pieces available through ShopSCAD...
to inquire call 912.525.5180

Lorie Corbus Art Classes!

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The awesome Lorie Corbus is forming new art classes now for adults and kids! The classes will be taught out at her beautiful bright studio in the woods near Bonaventure! She's even offering portfolio preparation for emerging artists- so those of you in Savannah,Ga...don't miss this opportunity! Click the poster to enlarge for contact info! xo
Lorie Corbus graduated summa cum laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2002. She was chosen as one of Georgia's Young Movers and Shakers of 2006 by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta, Ga.

Meredith Pardue

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If you are fortunate to find yourself near Houston, Texas this weekend, don't miss the new exhibit, figments at Laura Rathe Fine Art. It features one of my favorite SCAD alumna painters, Meredith Pardue together with Steve DaLuz. Tomorrow night is the opening- 6pm- and they'll both be there to meet and greet! View Meredith's entire portfolio on her website...but know they are most sensuous and profound when experienced in person! xo

Pods IX
Oil on canvas 60” X 48”

Oil on canvas 36” X 36”

Pods XIV
Oil on canvas 48” X 60”

Pods VII
Oil on canvas 24” X 24”

Dot + Jim by Claire Teschel

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I've been meaning to show off these clever small works by Claire Teschel..works on paint chips to be exact(!) for some time. They are hugely popular at shopSCAD and now Claire has a purty new website to show off all her different designs. In addition to her mini-collages on paint chips (which can be purchased as originals, prints, or magnets) she creates really sweet handmade notecards! (Her cards and prints are perfected from her years of experience at a huge card design firm!) I wish her all the best as she continues to venture out on her own...show your support by visiting the Dot+Jim Website, Etsy shop, Blog and as always...at shopSCAD! xo

Hayley Gaberlavage

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I met Hayley Gaberlavage at SCAD and fell in love with her painting and style...she fancies all the things I love-well, lots of folks love- fashion, furniture and modern art. She incorporates these passions into her paintings by translating them onto colorful yet moody canvases...my favorites are her figurative works that scatter into flat planes, patterns, and abstractions. Visit her website for more. xo
Dixie Cups
48”x48” Acrylic on Panel

36”x48” Acrylic on Panel

Sweet Music
14”x48” Acrylic on Canvas
available at shopSCAD

Avoid the Obvious
53”x75” Acrylic on Canvas
Available at shopSCAD

Retro Tile II
12”x12” Acrylic on Panel

48”x58” Acrylic on Canvas

Summer Wheat

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Amy at shopSCAD paid a visit to the studio of Summer Wheat yesterday and shared the highlights with me over the phone. Summer is getting ready to move to Brooklyn this week and Amy was lucky to sneak in one last studio visit. Summer is a fellow SCAD Painting grad who has developed an incredible method and style of work that I can only describe as new and spectacular. These photos really don't do her work justice. You must find an opportunity to get up close to appreciate her sculpted and sewn painting technique and be enveloped by their giant blanket-like size. Her work is on display at shopSCAD and if you're near Brooklyn she's going to be a featured artist this fall at Bric Contemporary Art. Catch her while you can, we think she's about to skyrocket into art stardom!
36" x 36" 2007

Ragdoll, detail

60" x 72" 2007

Granny Princess
16" x 20" 2008

16" x 20" 2008

I don’t describe my work as “abstract painting.” I see it as failed representational sculpture, and I love its failure. How can I make paint three-dimensional? How can I depict a subject matter that is more than its form? These are the questions that push me to abuse the purity of paint and uplift the awkward moments in human life. My paintings are full of messy human content: dorkiness, disappointment, humor and loss. -Summer Wheat