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made by jenni

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Oh, Jenni Harley...thank you! Your lovely creations and colorful imagination have inspired me today!
Jenni's handcrafted dolls are made from vintage found hankies, doilies, fabrics, buttons, even blankets! She also makes a myriad of other fabric goodies like patchwork quilts, clothing, pillows and more...visit her Flickr album to see it all! xo
visit the made by jenni shop, website, and blog!

Doily Doll #6

Ruby's adorable collection of her Mummy's handmade dollies!

Allyson Mellberg

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Happy Friday! Here's a sampling of work in several mediums by Allyson Mellberg. I believe the prints are collaborations with her husband, Jeremy Taylor, and many of the soft sculptures were inspired by his drawings. They are a mixed-media dream team! There is a really great interview with Allyson on My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. xo 


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You know I love me some art dolls and peculiar mixed media! I am intrigued by the imaginings found in the collaborations of two young Romanian artists, Ildiko Muresan and Flavia Marele who call themselves, Harem6. Idliko created the collages you see below and the pair of them collaborate on the handmade dolls. I found their work thanks to Flickr. {Blog}{Etsy}. xo

Flor Panichelli Art Dolls

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I find these art dolls, wall hangings, and finger puppets by London artist, Flor Panichelli sweetly story-book enchanting! If I had my way, I'd like to have a frightening doll room like those dear ladies who devote an entire room in their homes to display their floor to ceiling doll collection...except my dolls would be handmade and less scary. xo
(the gang)


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I've been admiring the work of Malaysian artist, Tako or Evangelione. I love her soft aesthetic that carries throughout her various works and her sweet photo styling...but my favorite detail is the big hairdo that Tako remarks in her descriptions as having been very popular in the old days in Shanghai! Tako also specializes in dollhouse miniatures...visit her Flickr album for all the peeks. {blog} xo Found via Crust Station!

She's so fashionably mod!

Vintage Fairy Tales

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Swedish photographer, Rebecka Ryberg Skött's exhibit, Vintage Fairy Tales opens today at The Church of Sweden in New York! Congratulations, Rebecka! This series grew out of her passion for collecting vintage dolls and toys and allowing their loved and tattered conditions to share their stories. I love her saturated colors and compositions. My favorite aspect is the tension of the doll's poses- they retain that "I will not sit or bend to your will, no matter what you do!" attitude that always perplexed me as a kid. I would also very much like to raid her supply closet! Xo

Above photos copyright Rebecka Ryberg Skött

Jessica Quinn

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I've fallen in love this morning with Jessica Quinn- a bona fide pixie-dust generator of an artist! Her Flickr albums have left me feverish with joy and anticipation- for what? I don't know exactly- maybe creating? Do you get that feeling when you see new work that just sings to you!?  She draws and sketches and creates the most magical of handmade dolls and well...anything she has a mind to! Her creativity permeates her entire world- the photos of her house and children are equally enchanting! Spend some time at her blog, A Twisted Yarn to see for yourself! xo

I love her tight curls and I'd like to borrow
her sweet green sweater jacket!

Skunkboy Creatures

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Katie with one of her Skunkboy Creatures

I just did a search of my own blog to verify my gnawing fear that I hadn't featured one of my very favorite Etsians and art doll makers, Katie of Skunkboy Creatures! I can't find any hint that I have although I've always told myself-yes you did. Well, no I surely didn't! After some serious deep thinking (ow!) I've brought up some repressed memories that the several times in the past when I would have done it- I stopped when I realized another blogger was posting about her the very same day! (end of sad long story excuse)
I've long admired the sweet homespun details of Skunkboy Creatures handmade (and made to order when purchased!) art dolls. For me- the enchantment of her work is in the recycled grey felt, her colorful top-stitching and the expressive button eyes-such as in little Suzette the Elephant. I imagine the artist might actually be a sweet little country woman making these for the children of travelers who stop by her little folk house. The details and colors are recollected from memories of her childhood outdoor adventures and the rare experience of attending a travelling circus menagerie that once came through a nearby town. Katie's real life muses for her magical and exceptional creatures can be found via her blog! *Katie also sings and plays a mean accordian...I mean, what a triple threat!! xo

Camille and Owly Owls in Love
Enlarge this to see more clearly her precious scalloped eyelids!

I'm crazy in love with Monkeys little green ears and stripes!

Owl Wedding Cake Toppers-Custom Designs
Her big doe eyelashes make me want to do it all over again!

Snail and Snail Mini-see similar here
I think can use the mini's base button to fasten her to your lapel!?

Robin Robin
Oh, that ruffled breast! Check out her
size in the first photo!

Jess Brown Design

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You probably already know and love the sweet details of Jess Brown's dolls...but I simply must continue to add jewels like these to my treasury of favorites! I find so much inspiration in their simplicity of form mixed with their fanciful vintage fabric details, tattered edges and homespun stitching. xo
An original Jess Brown doll.

Jess Brown original dolls and necklaces by Jess made
from linen and giant "beads" made from scraps of antique fabrics.

Jess Brown Doll (left) with a Danica Suskin friend
in a vignette at Jess's shop Maude in Petaluma, Ca.
What I wouldn't give to visit!

Jess's daughter took this photo of her doll that was one in
her series collaboration with Wovenplay...Small Magazine
did a wonderful article here.

Small magazine's article revealed that it was important to Jess that her doll's design fulfill her childhood wish that her dolly's arms be long enough to hold while walking down the street!

The dolls overall style are modeled after antique French rag dolls. Their sweet coiffures are crafted from recycled felted sweaters and their dresses are from her 'constantly gathered' collection of vintage fabrics. Don't you wish you could have a pair of their hand-knit stockings?

Jess Brown's cozy home studio.

Dolls in waiting. After the doll is assembled Jess hand dyes
each doll in a tea bath for up to three days.

A little vignette of doll production life- tea, salt,
and the tags she sends off with each doll.
*Images via Jess Brown's Blog where she catalogues her dolls
before they are sent to their new homes.*

Cathy Cullis

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Good Monday! Here is a small sampling of work created by UK artist, Cathy Cullis. Her range of mediums from embroidered artworks to drawing and painting to art dolls is simply incredible! Her love of poetry radiates through each of her homespun designs increasing their artful intention. Visit NovemberMoon.com for all her links! xo

tiny doll ornaments

Lundby Dollhouses

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I know what I want for Christmas! Thankfully, Jen Docherty shared this gem on her blog about the modern Lundby dollhouses. ( I didn't realize they were still in business!) They are everything I've been looking for in a home for quite some time. Maybe I could take one to an architect and say, "here's what I'd like, go with it!" I've actually been spending too much time lately searching for the perfect mid-century modern home for sale in...um, Indianapolis. We are hoping to be transferred there in the next year or two-so I am a little ahead of myself. I'd be pretty happy to play with one of these and continue dreaming....Working lights are standard! When I was little I remember thinking my grandpa was a mad scientist when he installed working lights and a crackling fireplace in my little wooden dollhouse. xo

Lundby Dollhouses and Accessories here.
Check out the parent dolls...they are somewhat terrifying!
*I just came across MiniModern Blog via Aesthetic Outburst!
If you love modern dollhouses...it's a must visit! *

Misako Mimoko

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These handmade dolls by Eva Monleón of misako mimoko have stolen my heart! I can't get over their darling vintage-cartoony expressive eyes and just far out creativity! Her talent as an illustrator and graphic artist must be the vision behind their fantastic features! Visit Eva's {Etsy} or {blog}for more! xo
doli doggy with black hat-sold

doli little mermaid-sold

Penguin and Fish

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Etsy and blogland happily make the world a smaller and friendlier place for like-minded artists and craftspeople. This morning I got an email from Alyssa at Penguin and Fish informing me that she kindly posted about my new sculptures today, while just yesterday I began compiling photos of her fetching handmade creatures to post about here! (This isn't the first time this kind of alchemy has occurred either!) I'm so happy to find her wonderful blog too. Thanks so much, Alyssa...and right back atcha! xox
Unicorn no.3
(blue with colorful plaid details)

Horse no.11
(chocolate brown with orange plaid details)

Kitty no.98
(Gold herringbone with orange stripes)

Heather Louise

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I'm grateful to my friend Susan Porter for introducing me to Heather Louise Handmade Dolls. Vibrant and storied...each doll completely stitched and embellished by hand using found and thrifted fabrics and treasures. Visit her here: {Etsy} {Blog} {Website} xo
Cupcake Marie
Available @ Crown and Crumpet

Tea and Bee Marie
Available @ Crown & Crumpet

Seven Pearls Baroque Doll
Heart Made of Felt Collection

Untitled Kitty
The Antwerp Collection

Italian Fox with Brown Stockings
Heart Made of Felt Collection

Pink Cat Dutch Doll
Odd Doll Collection

Maria with White Doves
Vecht River Doll-2oo6

Du Buh Du...revisited

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The latest work of Christine Alvarado of Du Buh Du Designs is stunning. She simply outdoes herself with each new doll she creates. I am awestruck over her work on The Carnivale Soiree and the incredible photographs she created to document the series. Catch all the updates via her lovely blog and Flickr. xo