katie runnels

The Constant Gatherer

Many times in my haste to finish work for a deadline I forget to photograph the piece! Here are some works that I failed to document, but have luckily found or been given access to the work as it hangs in the wild!

Girl with Dog

Mixed media on panel (with antique French child's metal tea set)

(circa 2002)

Photo: Chia Chong

SCAD Lacoste, France

Girl with Bird

Mixed Media on panel.

(circa 2004)

Photo: Chia Chong

SCAD Lacoste, France

Aloha Girl Shell Terrarium

Collection of Glenn and Paula Wallace.

Mixed media, shells, vintage glass baubles, flowers, and figurine under glass dome.

(Circa 2004)


My Bonnie

Mixed Media on wood frame.

(circa 2005)

Ivy Hall Family Specimen Jars

Mixed Media under glass domes.

SCAD- Ivy Hall, Atlanta, Georgia


Four Family

Mixed Media in shadowbox. Vintage wallpaper, copy of photo by H. Disfarmer, wheat, fabric, glass, frame.


Photo courtesy Glenn Wallace Instagram.

La Plante

Libery House Photo Courtesy Glenn Wallace Instagram