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A Very Late Update, Indeed! New Works...

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Mixed Media/Found Objects on Panel
17.75" diameter 

 Ladybug, detail

Mixed Media/Found Objects on Panel
13.5" diameter  

  Stringbean, detail

 Stringbean, detail
12" x 14" Mixed Media/Found Objects on Cradled Panel

  Mother, detail

 Mother, detail

24" x 24"
Mixed Media/Found Objects on Cradled Panel
 Savannah, detail
 Savannah, detail

If you are my friend on Facebook or IG you know this is a looong time coming! 
I've finally had a chance to sit down and update my "latest" works on Flickr and here. *sigh*
Please contact shopSCAD in Savannah if interested! xo

Message of Hope Prints Available!

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 Darcy's son and "D" exchanging their 'goodbye for now' hugs during his last visit.

My dear friend, Darcy Deaton and her family are in the midst of the seemingly herculean and emotional process of adopting a sweet 13 year old boy "D" from the Ukraine (where orphans like "D" are turned out to the streets at age 16!) I have worked with Darcy and her friend Kara over the years designing various things for their former shop and blog, McMaster & Storm.(now B.H. Storm & Co.) They are two of the finest, caring, and devout mothers and friends that I have ever known! And not to mention, extremely talented! I  truly cherish and admire them and so when I found out about Darcy's family and their mission to bring this sweet boy home, I wanted to help in any way I could. Here are two prints I've created under Darcy's direction that you can purchase directly below! All proceeds will aid their family through this process! Both are 11" x 17" for you to frame, pin, or mount in any way you choose! They are $20. each and ship priority mail for $5.25 and arrive packaged as sweetly as anything you might imagine from the creative Deaton family! Thank you, and please feel free to share with your friends with all our thanks and blessings! xox

Block Lettering Option

Script Lettering Option

Purchase one securely through PayPal below or message Darcyl.deaton@gmail.com
 {THANK YOU!! XOXOX, Katie, the Deaton Family and "D"}

Promise of Hope Print Option:

(*Remember to choose Script or Block Lettering from dropdown above before proceeding*)

Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair...time to celebrate!

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I couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate the book launch of Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair of Knack Studio! Barb is such a hard-working and talented person, so its no surprise that she pulled off such a huge project with her usual incredible flair! I am very sad to miss her signing tomorrow night, but if you are near Greenville, SC, don't miss the party and a chance to meet the woman behind all the magic! Love you BIg, BB! Congratulations!! xox

Anxiety Theater presents...a grateful heart.

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Print by Departika and available on Etsy here.

I just noticed I pinned this print a year ago! I'm still struggling with getting back into the swing of creating, actually more like making TIME for creating. Not working definitely creates anxiety within me. My father-in-law is my hero and helps me realize any crazy idea I come up with, from a farm table three days before Thanksgiving to a screen door on my studio in the basement (how cozy! it leads to the garage!). Currently, he is helping me overhaul my basement studio to be more user friendly, e.g. better lighting, electrical outlets, heater, flooring. It takes time, and I pray for patience and constantly remind myself how blessed I am to have such a helpful, generous, and kind man in my life! And, not only that, my he and my mother-in-law take my child overnight two or three nights a week! Thank you, Oma and Opa!! I am one lucky and grateful girl. xoxo

Pinterest Etiquette

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The lack of credits and proper links on Pinterest really irks me. I want so much to enjoy browsing the site because I actually find it most useful! I rely on it for our weekly dinner recipes and I've started a private board that's helped me organize some things I'd like to do around our home. It is disheartening though to see pin after pin without any credit to the artist/designer/stylist/photographer/illustrator/blogger/whatever! Someone, usually more than one person, put a lot of work into that image and I believe it simply isn't right for all of us to cruise through thoughtlessly banking these images without, at the very least providing a link to the original creator/s. I am afraid I was guilty of this while using Pinterest at first, and it IS more time consuming to stop and make sure you've sourced the image. But it means the WOrLD and usually time and income to that creative! I still have yet to go back through all my earlier pins to double-check- so don't scold me- I'm working on it! But I will make a point to at least credit SOMEONE connected to the image in the description and link the image to a page that includes the original source information. Encourage your friends to do the same, won't you!? Here's my little attempt to bring awareness to the issue... feel free to PIN! (And let me know it you like it or not, thanks!) xo 

Now, where was I...?

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Since the birth of my son I've been mostly over on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Much easier format for a newbie mama. I would like to get back to blogging, if just for a bit here and there, as I finally have things to share other than sleepless nights, colic, and smelly pants (although, there's no shortage of those). This mama needs to WORK and Interact with the art and craft world again, as it is sooo very good and vital for my bones! We'll see how it goes! Happy Spring! xoxo

The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

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Hello, Blog! I'm so happy that spring is finally on the horizon and what better way to celebrate than with a copy of the brand new Back in The Day Bakery Cookbook-NOw AVaiLaBle!

(aren't they adorable?!)

Last summer, Cheryl and Griffith Day kindly commissioned me to craft some original cake  and cupcake toppers for the dessert section! I can't thank them enough for including me in their amazing cookbook project! Back in the Day Bakery is simply my favorite bakery/restaurant in all the land and for them to share their recipes with all of us (especially those of us who live so stinkin' far away!) is super generous and much appreciated. Although, I doubt my buttercream will ever be anywhere near as magical! xox

Visit their website here.
Buy a copy of the Cookbook!
Be a Fan on Facebook.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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"Thanksgiving" Life, November 1903
 via Tortuga on Flickr

As creepy as this image might be, I actually found it a bit charming because I thought this was all I might be serving up this Thanksgiving! However, after visiting my doctor this morning I realize I might actually have to wait out these last painful three weeks as he seems pretty cozy in there and making no attempts to leave! So, Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends...wishing we could be together! Staying close to home now is all I can manage and thankfully Jon's family is here to celebrate! I'm so grateful for you all! xoxo

Savannah Magazine Cover Surprise!

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I was excited to find out that Savannah Magazine had used one of my giant yarn wreaths from ShopSCAD as a prop for their cover photo shoot for their December issue! I made a trio of these giants for a window display a few years back and never really gave them much love here on the blog...so since I'm not currently making much in the studio these days, here's a recap...

  ShopSCAD window photos by the awesome Jade McCully!

Mad about Ginny Branch Illustrations

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Wishing I could be in Atlanta today for the West Elm Event: We Heart Handmade curated by one of my favorite artists/stylists/genius, Ginny Branch Stelling.  Its on until 9pm if you're in the area! Here are some incredible illustrations by Ginny herself that she made for the event...read more here and find the links to the photography that inspired these works. xo


Lauren Shoulder

{images in post copyright Ginny Branch}


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One of my favorite artists, Katherine Sandoz has opened a new online gallery/boutique called, Sandozia featuring her "luxury items" or one-of-a-kind works of art including paintings, drawings,and fiber sculptures. Check it out! I've mentioned it before- but don't miss her blog, some southern(ish) gibby either! xo
30" x 30", water-based media on canvas, spring 2011

18" x 24", water-based media on panel, 2010-2011

7.5" x 10", water-based media on panel, 2010-2011
 7.25" square, water-based media on panel

24" silk, copper

30" fibers, copper

Images in this post copyright Katherine Sandoz
Artwork also available via shopSCAD!

Views from the Swing!

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Congratulations to Heather Baker and all the vendors who made The Strawberry Swing Craft Fair a great success! Despite the record setting heat this past Sunday, the artists and crafters set up the most lovely treasure-filled booths. And, I finally got to meet Heather in person, which made the trip and the event so very special! My mother and I took along my niece and two nephews who enjoyed themselves as much as we did! It was really great to meet so many new folks as well as some I've been admiring at a distance for so long. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to photograph everyone and many of my photos are quite grainy...but I'm preggo and it was over 100 degrees so I hope you'll find it to forgive me! xox

Stephanie Hathaway of Miss Betty Lou

The Girls of Bazil Essentials

Brigette Poniewaz of Enchanted Owls

Heather Baker's daughters Lucy and Hannah cool off with an Orange Crush.

Mary B. Cobb of  The Green Goat

Heather's sweet girls taking refuge in the shade of a handmade tent.

Jill Hayes of Party Fetti and Fee Fie Foe Fum

My nephew Benji making his very own pinwheel at Party Fetti's Booth!

Makenzie Payne (in apron and Heather Baker's darling sister) along with Heather's girls
Georgie and Scout!

Elizabeth Williams Jewelry

Beloved Habitat

Cassie Daily, Lesa Dailey, and Samantha Kuykendall of Sweet Peace

Meanwhile, inside the barn...
Larissa Wilson of Butternut Squash

Sweet shoppers admiring the art & wares of Butternut Squash!

Sarah Wasemiller

And Sarah was joined by Heather Davidson...my pal from school who I hadn't seen in over a decade!

My niece Maggie shops the darling wares of Ashley Carter of My Sunshine Handmade

Red Brick Wall

Katie Griffin of Simply Worn

Casa Bean Design

Maggie and I loved everything in the Little Bluestem Baby Booth.
(I'm afraid I didn't get a photo of Traci Furan- the designer!)

Oh, and the Photobooth! Thanks to Inside-Out Photography...
 Me and Heather Baker- together at last!

And last but not least...two funny guys.
My nephews Teddy and Ben! xo

Mister Finch

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I came across one of these beautiful butterflies on Pinterest the other day...but sadly there was no link or credit to the maker!  I just happened upon Mister Finch's shop this morning and the mystery was solved! Mister Finch is vintage found object/soft sculpture artist living in Leeds in Yorkshire, England whose bio included this gem: I collect fairytale books, miniature metal chairs and love to hoard things in glass jars. I knew I had found a kindred spirit, indeed! Enjoy and be sure to admire his sold collection of work on Etsy too! xo