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@home with Liz Demos

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When I moved to Savannah to start school my mom and I lived at the La Quinta Inn for two weeks. We could not find an apartment for me to rent that wasn't a dark and dingy basement or airy and affordable. We made ourselves sick circling the squares over and over again looking for "for rent" signs. We did happen upon a sweet little shop on Abercorn street called @home. The shopkeeper there was immediately friendly and talkative and she even gave us some helpful information about where we should look for an apartment. (This included marking a big X over Henry st.) We instantly fell in love with Liz and her shop. She sold and continues to sell an ever-changing assortment of vintage found objects and furniture as well as vintage-inspired housewares. I always fall head over heels for her unique finds. She searches high and low and with her incredible eye, finds treasures where others might never bother looking. I started to buy bits and bobs from her to use in my work- especially her vintage ribbons and millinery flowers. She even gave me a job working at the store! I had so much fun during my time there. Liz even trusted me to create displays for her, which was huge because up to that point I believe she had been doing them all herself and the store was her baby. As a creative person I know how hard it is sometimes to receive help with artistic endeavors! But that is part of her gift, knowing when to get help and who to trust. Two stores relocations and only a handful of years later, she has built one of the greatest shopping establishments in Savannah. She has gathered an incredible team of creative helpers along the way. Many of them contribute their original wares to the the shop. I'll never forget that Liz was the first one to take notice of my work in Savannah. She sold my art in the shop and even hosted my thesis show, allowing me to display my work throughout her entire shop! It was an incredible time. We were like long lost sisters who shared similar tastes and interests. I learned a lot from Liz and I still do. She inspires me to branch out from my safe little world and to challenge myself. She always has. Together with her sweet and supportive husband Paul, she now continues to do all the amazing things she does and raise an adorable little boy, William. I could go on and on about all her endeavors (I haven't even scratched the surface!) but you can better see and read about them yourself- at her new shop on Broughton Street, on her website that is coming very soon, as well as on her new beautiful blog. Thank you, Liz!

(images from holly becker via decor8)