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"Purty like a lady bird"

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Our country mourns the passing of a great lady, the original, Lady Bird. I often speak of "lady birds" in my work. For me, the name implies curiosity, industriousness, and a kind heart, which are also befitting descriptions for such a woman as was Lady Bird Johnson. She is best remembered for her campaigns for preserving our nation's natural beauty. The surprising wildflowers seen along busy highways are a constant reminder of her work. I have only recently started getting serious about my small patch of earth here at my home, but the effort has already rewarded me with bountiful flowers, giant bumblebees, and all kinds of unforseen benefits. Undoubtedly her influence touches all of us at some point. She certainly led the way for those of us who strive to incorporate nature's simple and restorative beauty in our daily lives. The proprietor of the blog, Housemartin comes to mind. I look forward to her posts everyday.