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Cakes, and bands, and ribbons, oh my!

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Danish Modern Cake
Photo: Kirsten Streckler via Cakepower.com

Cane Cake
photo: Kate Sullivan via Cakepower.com
More on the wedding front...
I cannot believe what amazing things people can do with cakes these days! Only a short time ago, when my sisters were getting married, we were all sooo excited about how spiffy a smooth fondant cake was! Now, it seems a cake is limited only by the imagination. My absolute favorite cakes are by Kate Sullivan of LovinSullivanCakes. I don't think I could put a knife anywherenear my cake if she were to make it! You will probably recognize her work as she is getting lots of well-deserved press these days. Her cakes are works of art! She doesn't only simply make wedding cakes, either! Check out her website even if you aren't planning any soirees at the moment. You won't be disappointed!
The other wedding source I must tell you about is the blog written by mother and daughter, Faye and Greer. I often find that I have fanatically torn out many of the same ideas from magazines, and they've introduced me to some great new resources. They posted about Lovin'SullivanCakes just yesterday. It seems the pair needed a way to converse over the miles as they planned the daughter's wedding-and the website was born! I love the concept and the way you get a little peek here and there of their sweet relationship. They seem to be truly inspired by a similar aesthetic and each other!