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I'm a bit of a late bloomer in this department. I used to wonder where in the heck designers found all their great graphics and fonts. I now realize they have all kinds of resources online-some sites I cannot even begin to figure out. If you're like me and you just need a few unusual fonts or graphics for your newsletter or whatever-here are a few of my favorite sites. Some you must pay for but I think its worth your time and money. Normally I would have to spend hours searching ebay or the bookstore for an illustration I needed. These graphics already have the copyright issue taken care of too. It's pretty simple! The trickiest part for me was downloading then installing the fonts into the right folder. I just messed around until I figured it out! Remember, I don't claim to know anything about this, I simply found these sites user-friendly and they worked for me! Clip Art*- click here. Fonts- click here. Free fonts- click here (*I like to use the search for engraved or antique and then follow the links for similar imagery)