katie runnels

The Constant Gatherer

Justine Holmes Vranian

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Available as Giclee print through Galletly& Tubbs

Cold Watermelon to a Thirsty Soul
available at Sarah Bain Gallery

A Vacuum Cleaner is Always Cold
available through Sarah Bain Gallery

Pride against Humility
available at Sarah Bain Gallery

I got to know Justine's work through the various works that Savannah College of Art and Design has displayed throughout the campus. They are intricate mixed media collage paintings sealed under a high gloss finish that looks like it may be epoxy. That finish is definitely one of her trademarks that you miss when viewing her work online. However, it's a small detail in comparison to her vivid color and outrageous compositions arranged as staged vignettes. Clever and puzzling titles round out the intrigue of each work. You can see many more works and her statement online at Sarah Bain Gallery or SCAD's exhibition department. Justine was awarded Finalist at the Artlink@Sotheby's International Young Artists competition. You may recognize "Cold Watermelon to a Thirsty Soul" which appeared in January's Better Homes and Gardens that featured Justine's beautiful home.