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Katherine Sandoz

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"tybee two"
36" x 24"
oil & oil bar on canvas

hat & "bags"
18" x 18"
mixed media

"corn dogs"
36" x 24"
oil & oil bar on canvas

Wow. I just found Katherine's blog and read the entire thing from stem to stern. An incredible read! I haven't seen her in month's and thanks to blog I've caught up with a ton of lost time! Katherine is one of the most interesting women I know. She's a talented painter, illustrator, keen social observer, wordsmith, interior decorator (see her painting porch on her blog!), art critic, crafter, writer, and teacher. She's incredibly clever, and somehow always impeccably styled. She's an above average girl-about-town. I almost despise her for being so good. Her wickedly dry sense of humor had me at hello. She made me nervous at first because (like a real artist) she constantly records information in her sketchbook. "Why is she staring at me so hard?" Oh, right... Visit Madame Sandoz here and here. xo