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I love Suze Orman. I love watching her show-especially the "Can I afford this?" segment. (Kathy Griffen loves her too!) I love reading her books, and her new book is by far the most important. "Women and Money" is a great read for every woman, not just for those in financial turmoil. If you've ever had any questions about your finances but didn't know who to ask or even what to ask-Suze has the answers in this book. I like this book in particular because in her no-nonsense way she exposes the different ways (from emotional spending and caretaking to investments and trust planning)that women approach money. And she has the years of experience to tell you about it. She doesn't accept any excuses, but she does take the stand that indeed there is a difference between men and women and how we've been taught to think, feel, and do about our money- and I appreciate that. Her website has a lot of great resources too- see here. You will feel so much more confident about yourself and your future if you arm yourself with the knowledge that Suze has to share. I have to say, I really do!