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Denise Falk "Songs of the South"

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If you are in the Atlanta area treat yourself to Denise Falk's new show "Songs of the South" at SCAD's Trois Gallery. It's open now until Nov. 6th. Denise has been like a mentor to me and I am curious to see this new body of work as it seems much different from anything I've seen from her before. She's created new narrative works using classic childhood stories and imagery from stories like "Bambi" and "The Wizard of Oz". Knowing Denise, it won't simply be daisies and teacups. I'm afraid I don't have images from the show to share- but above I've listed some that are currently available at shopSCAD.I'm hoping to make it to the opening Oct. 19th!
See more of Denise Falk's work here: Artlink@Sotheby's.For some reason SCAD doesn't have any of her work available to view on their entire site! What a Shame! No shopSCADonline link Either! A Crying Shame!