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Frances Palmer

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Squash Vase

Oblong Pedestal

Oblong Vase (pair)

2 Handle Greek Vase

Pearl Collection: Creamer

Pearl Collection: Bud Vase Scallop

This post is for my mother. We both covet the handmade ceramic wares of Connecticut artist, Frances Palmer. We fantasized about using one of her cake pedestals at my wedding, but decided to go "the more sensible route" and use one of the dozen we had already purchased for the one cake. I was so excited to find out that she has developed a commercial line called "Frances Palmer Pearl Collection" made from molds of her original pottery. The prices are great and they are user friendly, but I'm afraid much of her magic has been lost in the translation. There are a few sweet pieces however, and they'll have to do until I can finally afford an original Palmer! Visit her website here.