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Helen Phillips

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Here's another exhibition postcard I've been carrying around with me for a few years. This sculpture by Arkansas artist, Helen Phillips was featured a few years ago in a show at the Design Center in Little Rock. I apologize I don't know the title of the piece. The tape I've used to hang it over the years has peeled it off! The good news is Helen is one half of a two artist show throughout the month of September at DDP Gallery in Fayetteville, Ar. Unfortunately there's only one image to view on the site-but I've found some others online here. Something about Helen's piece above has always engaged me. I think its equal parts her mixed use of materials and the knowledge that she creates many works based on her dreams. I think that is what makes her so original. I think Helen's work with the house figure was the first to resonate with me and it continues to appear in my own work. There is an excellent brief biography on Helen here. She has an abbreviated exhibition list here. If your out and about in the Ozarks be sure to see the show and support a great local gallery!