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Vintage Terrors

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I don't usually decorate for Halloween but today there is finally a hint of fall in the air and it got me thinking...
Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow has some fascinating oddities in the vintage section. The best items are usually sold, but its worth a look. You never know when you might need a spare coffin handle or arsenic mug.
And who can resist witnessing a medical anomolie? The College of Physicians of Philadelphia's, Mutter Museum caters to this macabre fascination. I'd love to see their collection of 2,000 things extracted from people's throats and the various preserved anatomical specimens. Fabulous! Which reminds me of Body Worlds.You may have seen the exhibit of German scientist, Gunther von Hagen's "plastinated" humans. Here's a video. Learn your anatomy and be entirely creeped out! The best part is how they've posed the bodies. One cadaver plays chess while another is dribbling a basketball.
On a lighter note, Ebay has a wealth of old store stock Halloween decorations up for sale. Lots of Gurley candles, Beistle diecuts, and old crepe paper! I've linked some favorite sellers above or type "vintage halloween" in the search engine.