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A few wedding photos...

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Doesn't my father look handsome? Thank you Addom for
taking this photo! Who knew the church had so many doggone rules??

With my sisters Meredith and Jennifer and sister-in-law Cass.

This is the only photo I have that really shows my dress
Oops! We forgot to take any portrait shots! We bought
the jacket two days earlier-didn't know what I had been thinking
buying a strapless gown!

All the beautiful flowers were done by Leslie Wacker
See more of her work on her website: Southern Stems.
Leslie included all kinds of vintage birds and baubles
in the arrangements for me. Her work exceeded all my
expectations and she was a joy to work with! Thank you Leslie!

My sister Meredith and her youngest son Sam pose outside the reception hall.
We tried to photograph everyone who attended and plan to include
their photo in their thank you letter.

Forgot about table numbers!
Fell asleep the night before drawing them out with a pen.

My mother created a small cookbook of family recipes that we used as favors.
Thank you mom (and various helpers)!

Another pretty arrangement. Can you believe I pulled this vase
out of a brush pile in Savannah? Thank you Leslie for cleaning this
vase and many others!

My green cake was actually very tasty!
It was a version of Galen's peach amaretto cake
usually served at Nonnah's in Columbia.

Friends and family- Email me and I'll send you
the private flickr link. katierunnels@yahoo.com