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The Constant Gatherer

Jolynn Krystosek

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Verdure Series- Untitled 6, 2007 wax 13"x 19"

Untitled, 2006 wax 21"x 18"

Verdure Series, Untitled 8, wax 13"x 19"

I came across these amazing wax relief paintings by New York artist, Jolynn Krystosek via Dear Ada. Having only a novice's understanding of working with wax, I am completely in awe of the delicate skill involved in these pieces. I especially like the works that rest on some kind of shelf without the wooden(?) support grips. These pieces are from a show this past summer at Lucas Schoormans's gallery-see here for more. I loved her artist's statement and thought you might too:

“Wonder is defined as a constriction and suspension of the heart caused by amazement at the sensible appearance of something so portentous, great and unusual, that the heart suffers a systole. Hence wonder is something like fear in its
effect on the heart.”
--Albertus Magnus, Commentary on the Metaphysics of Aristotle

"The wax relief carvings and paper cut-outs have an unsettling fragility. The physical vulnerability of the media of wax and paper heightens the relationship between the work and the viewer’s own corporeality, as does their floral theme of seduction. The historical conception of flora as having heavily laden sexual implications is played out with the help of the viewer’s enchantment by the seemingly physical impossibility of the work. In addition, in my work I often reference Dutch baroque still life painters, particularly the flower bouquets of Rachel Ruysch. These paintings capture the essence of decay with great opulence and also glorify the moment at which decomposition begins; the object’s most lush moment is actually the beginning of its end. "

--Jolynn Krystosek- Excerpt from Artist’s Statement- NY Arts Mag July 2007.