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Colette Calascione

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Monkey Love Oil on Wood (2004) 29″ x 30″

Cat Mask Oil on Wood (2003) 24″ x 36″

Internal Landscape Oil on Wood (2003) 19"x 30″

Denial Oil on Wood (2004) 18" x 24

2 Faced Portrait Oil on Wood (2005) 18" x 24"

Bee Boy, Oil on wood (2006) 33" x 19 "
I am fascinated by the works of Colette Calascione. The paintings above appeared in a show in 2006 at The Nancy Hoffman Gallery. For more visit the artist's website here or her MySpace page here. Here's an excerpt from an article on Paintalicious.org:

"Both a strong flavor of Victorian-style naturalism and the theme of “female identity” unify the recent works of new-york based painter Colette Calascione. She paints surreal, exquisitely detailed classical style portraiture, ranging from rich and vibrant pin-up interpretations, to surreal reckonings inspired by books and images of vintage ephemera - particularly from the Victorian era. Likewise, her painting technique (in part) draws on the past, and the modus operandi of old master painters. It is from this careful execution of technique, Collette beguiles us with her images and her vision…"