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I just spent some time window shopping (a girl can dream...) online at one of my favorite shops:Worthwhile. They have so many amazing pieces right now. I could have kept adding photos all day long! I didn't even show you any of their great bags or other accessories or home goods. Amy and I fell in love with this Charleston shop a few years ago- and occasionally we would hear that shopSCAD would remind a customer of Worthwhile-and that made us positively giddy! Being my partner in crime, Amy helped convince me to buy a pair of cydwoq flats there once. They were the most expensive pair of shoes I had ever owned. When I went home for Christmas that year wearing them, my family was so disgusted by them that someone secretly threw them away!! They were a little worn- but they thought they looked old and terrible. I think the insensitive term "bag lady" was even used. Oh well, there's no accounting for great taste, right? (j.k- love you all!) Visit Worthwhile online at www.shopworthwhile.com.