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*Image via Three Layer Cake

I am forever in awe with the designers and longtime friends, Sigolène and Catherine of Tsé & Tsé Associées design house in Paris. About ten years ago I first saw their work in a British Elle Decoration which inspired my girlfriend and I to attempt to create their box light garland for our shop entrance. Needless to say, we thought it was "fabulous" as we used to continually pronounce (gag!) back then. I have always dreamed about having their super-creative storage solution- Scarecrow (see photo below) in my house one day. Now I see they actually sell it via their- and I don't say this lightly- AmaZinG website. There are so many neat little inventions, twists and turns, lurking around thier site-which mirrors their work in every way! There is a great interview with Sigolène and Catherine in the online magazine Three Layer Cake: here. Through their hard work and unconventional business techniques-their line of brilliant and quirky industrial designs have taken off over the past ten years with nary a business plan or spreadsheet of any kind. If only it could work that way for me! I don't have an ounce of the independent spirit or ingenuity of these two - but they sure inspire me with an energy to do more! Enjoy their site here: http://www.tse-tse.com/2003/anglais/

*image via British Elle Decoration circa 1995?
**To see Scarecrow on the
Tsé & Tsé website- click on the light-then
catalogue-then storage.