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Cleans up nice.

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The fabulous Molly Harrell visited my studio yesterday to shoot my ugly mug for Skirt! magazine. She is an amazing person and photographer now living in Charleston, but moving back to Columbia soon-yay! If you've read Columbia's Skirt! you have seen her work . She made the day so much fun and even helped me put together some promotional cards in Photoshop- I mean how sweet is that?? Visit her website www.mollyharrell.com. Here are some photos I took to document the occasion of Molly's visit and a clean studio-the latter will most likely never, ever happen again. xo

Molly workin' the ladder. I think she was actually
trying her darndest to find a flattering angle for me.

You can actually see floor!

Clean table and tools in place.
Never realized how many pairs of scissors I had!

Looking toward the front-my little shop is in front of the curtain.

Desk made from a door and metal trestle legs from Lowes.

You can tell this is a set up b/c there are no diet coke
cans or snacks littering my papers. maybe it will last a day or two