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I am excited to announce to Blogland that ShopSCAD Atlanta is moving! Everyone is thrilled to be relocating the shop just down Peachtree street to the first floor inside the actual SCAD campus! It is a little bittersweet for me as I had the opportunity to decorate this location and hate to see it lost. But, life goes on and it really will be so much more exciting for the shop to be in the midst of the bustling SCAD Atlanta environment! If only there were a way to salvage the vintage wallpaper panels that I used on the walls! (If you have any ideas-please let me know!) The grand-reopening will be mid-April- I'll let you know the exact date asap!! I was really honored to be their final artist of the month at this location! I got to enjoy the shop one last time and admire all the work of Visual Merchandiser, Molly Evans, a SCAD Fibers alumna. She has really outdone herself! I'll post about her work next! Then the other cast members of the talented crew-all professional artists themselves! I was so excited to see their new work! Stay tuned! Here are a few photos of my visit:
Customer with Cuyler Hovey- King and Molly Evans.
This looks staged-but it wasn't!!

Pretty Molly demonstrates her Stitch Mouth business card..

With my dear friend, Amy Zurcher, shopSCAD's managing director.
She does it all folks!!

Inspired earring display by Molly.
(Vintage cups scavenged from Grandfather's garage!)

Molly's Holiday decoration
(scaled back for spring-too good to put away!)

I love this old jade green and red case I found at the now defunct Lakewood Antique Market in Atlanta. Wallpaper panel sourced from Hannah's Treasures. Paintings by David Marcet

Sweet husband suprised me by attending the reception!
He had to hustle to and from work-Atlanta is a good 3.5 hours away!

Allyson Ross- another shopSCAD Atlanta pioneer employee!
I was trying to photograph the little bird pin she had just created!
Unfortunately, I can't work a camera!
I'll have more of her work to share-and clearly-in a bit.