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Amanda M. Lynch

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You know how sometimes you discover a new artist whose work makes your heart immediately ache and pound because its so magical, wonderful, different?? That happened to me this morning when I happened upon the ceramic paintings of Amanda M. Lynch via If the Birds Knew blog. (Enlarge the images to see the amazing relief details.)
A Girl and a Golden Goose 2007
11"h x 8.25"w x 1.5"d

Candy Trees 2006
205"h x 22"w x 2"d

Rickshaw Walla 2006
ceramic and oil paint
10.5″h x 13.5″w x 1″d

Outnumbered by a Small Army 2007
Ceramic with decal and Gold Lustre
14″h x 14.5″w x 2″d

Birthday Party 2006
Ceramic and Oil Paint
10″h x 13.25"w x 0.75"d

Flight of the Little Girls 2007
Ceramic and Oil Paint
17″h x 5″w x 1.5″d

Quail 2007
Ceramic and Oil Paint