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Julie Arkell

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Here's some eye candy from the incredible UK artist, Julie Arkell. She is represented at Twig and Earth Angels in the US- but isn't yet online herself. She did however create a beautiful book that shares her work and studio with us-some images seen below. Her book can be purchased here or on Amazon if they're out. I've been collecting these images from all over the internet-so I apologize if I have forgotten where I clipped the image-but just know all are copyrighted by Julie Arkell.

Image above from Embroidery Magazine Nov/Dec 2008

Dolly Badges available at Earth Angels

Watches available at Earth Angels

Pull Toys photo clipped from Treefall Design

Big Eared Animal- found at Twig

Homespun available at Twig

Photo of Julie with her work clipped from Earth Angels

The Artist's Book

Arkell's Studio as it appears in her book
above and below