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Knot Exactly Furniture by Ricki Carrow

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Knot Exactly Pinwheel Table

Knot Exactly Blue Star Table

Knot Exactly Star Cabinet

Knot Exactly Steamship Cabinet
and a handsome collection of vintage pups.

Knot Exactly Web Table

Yesterday, Molly Harrell introduced me to the work of her extremely talented beau, Ricki Carrow of Key West, Florida. I am overwhelmed by these photos of his handcrafted furniture- called "Knot Exactly." He uses a secret recipe of layers to achieve an amazing depth of color on each piece. I don't believe he publicizes himself much-but major companies like Bergdorf-Goodman and celebrities who happen upon him in Key West have collected his work. Notice his home in the background. He has painstakingly redone the wood walls back to their natural state and kept the original handmade cement tile floors made ages ago by a local artist. If you are seriously interested in finding out more about his work please contact me at katierunnels@yahoo.com and I'll share his email address with you.