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The Constant Gatherer

Marcus Kenney

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Thank you to my friend Amy Z. who also sent me an amazing goodie box for my birthday-which included this great new book about Savannah artist, Marcus Kenney! SCAD was behind the creation of this book-proudly made for one of its most prolific alumnus. I don't know what happened to his snazzy website-but a very factual one, complete with publicity excerpts and gallery links can be found here. Just click on a show under his Exhibitionscategory for an easy view of the work. His book can be purchased at shopSCAD (912)525-5180 or here.

Yes, Teacher 2003
Vintage poster, end paper, notebook paper, magic marker, pencil, ink, oil, acrylic,
linseed oil, school book cutouts, acrylic polymer medium on canvas 59" x 59"

Collection of King & Spalding LLP Atlanta GA

How The World Will End PT.I , 2005
stamps, acrylic, children's book cut outs, vintage paint by number, tracing paper,
magazine, medium on canvas
11" x 14"

Lost in the Word, 2005
Original typed sermon, vintage wallpaper, acrylic, tracing paper, personal papers,
acrylic polymer medium on canvas 48" x 48"

Collection of Michael and Stephanie Schiavone

From I'm Tempted to Begin with the Ending Series, 2007
(Apologies-I couldn't find the title of this one)

boat throat note float, 2005
original oil painting, vintage wall paper, marble dust, vintage paint by number,
childrens book cutouts, medium on canvas
18 " x 24"

Everything Ever Said , 2004
Paper, comic book, and acrylic polymer medium 14"x 23" x 32 "
Collection of the Artist

Please Mr. Tiger, 2004
vintage wall paper, paint by number, acrylic, cutouts, medium on canvas
20" x 30"