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Happy Father's Day!

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Dad with me (and Teddy Ruxpin) on my birthday circa 1987.

My father escorting me down the aisle. 10/6/07

"How come I love you so much?" My dad was always saying that to me while I was growing up. I used to shrug it off embarrassed or say something silly back-but now I realize how lucky I was and am to have such a wonderfully loving and selfless father. He has done so much for our family and for me including honoring every little dream I've had for my life by fully investing his hard earned money and trust in me with enthusiasm and love. I could not possibly ever thank him enough for all he's given me, but I can continue to try to make sure he knows how much I appreciate him, respect and love him!
I love you, dad!
See you soon! xoxo
I am also grateful to have a wonderful father-in-law now too! Thank you, Fred, for your generosity in helping me with so many projects and the kindness you've shown me! Your endless energy and devotion to helping others and animals is an inspiration to us! Jon and I love you so very much! xoxo
Canoe trip, Turkey Run State Park, Indiana circa 1983.