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Kayte Terry is living the life of my dreams! She's an artist first and foremost and she works on the most amazing creative projects as a freelance stylist and visual merchandiser in NYC! Her clients include the likes of Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers, Adorn, and Craft Stylish Magazine. I am eagerly awaiting her new book, Complete Embellishing, due out next month (pre-order here). Here is but a teeny-weeny sampling of her extraordinary portfolio of artwork. Care to crush out on Kayte with me? Visit her blog This is Love Forever, her Etsy shop, and her new series of posts for Craft Stylish here! Her imagination rocks my world! xo
Red Snapper
Mixed fabrics, embroidery, and wood plaque

Burgers and Fries
Felt and fabric

Big Breakfast
Felt and Fabric

Handmade Eye Pillows with
Organic Lavender and flaxseed
Available here.