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I've been on the hunt for a new bag that will change my life and I think I've finally found it! (I had my hopes set on a DrikaB -but waited too long and, of course, its gone! ) So, now I need a bag by moop! This cool girl Wendy (I'm hoping that's her in the photos)makes them all by hand- in her big gorgeous studio that was converted from an old mill somewhere in western Massachusetts. I think I really just want to be her. Just look how she rocks those boots, that bike and those bags-even a hip belt! Her craftsmanship looks impeccable too-and I love her industrial chic colors! Must...hurry.... and.....pick....just....one..... Read her interview as Etsy's Featured Seller here.
The Market Bag in Provincial Blue-with adjustable strap.
I love its gi-normity! I think I've finally met my match!

The Porter in Provincial Blue
I love all the snaps!

The Market Bag in many colors!