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The Constant Gatherer

Adam Smith

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The mixed media art of Adam Smith makes me insanely jealous. He uses so many of my favorite materials-but in ways I cannot begin to comprehend. The tremendous amount of imagination behind his work always leaves me questioning and wanting more! I adore his one-of-a kind beeswax and metal brooches but also his line of affordable plastic pieces-I'm kicking myself for not buying his bangle last time I visited shopSCAD. His sculptures tend to incorporate mechanical workings which add to their strange and magical allure. Visit his website to experience much more. ShopSCAD carries quite a bit of his work-see here-and much more can be found in-store.
One-of-a-kind Brooch #10
Brass, antique photograph, beeswax, found object, string, steel.

One Degree of Separation Bangle
available at shopSCAD 912.525.5180
Doe Pin
A steel silhouette of a slender whitetail doe with a 14k gold heart.

One-of-a-kind Brooch #9
Brass, antique photograph, beeswax.

Mixed media. April 2008 4.25”w x 12.25h x 2.25”d (excluding boy and pull)

Surrender, detail.

The Foolishness of the Birdpeople
Mixed media
March 2008
8.25”w x 22”h x 6.5”d

Mixed media
(12 inches x 5 inches x 3 inches)