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I've been sitting on my hands to keep from posting about the fabulous, Lauren Alane-felt birder extraordinaire, until she was ready for an update....so, ladies and gentlemen...Tonight at 8pm EST....Be HERE for the latest flock of owls, birdies, and caketoppers! They go reeeaaally fast!!
Handfelted owls.
Lauren and photographer husband, Joey Bradshaw, style and
capture all of their own photographs of Lauren's work
in amazing and sweet detail!
Back to School Owlies-in the shop tonight!

Custom Birdie Cake Topper

Precarious perch.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper
Gorgeous colors to match the wedding party!

A very dapper pair!
Custom Wedding Cake Topper

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The stunning artist, Lauren Alane!
Visit her blog here for the whole scoop!