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LeiLiLaLoo and Heart Handmade

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Check out Heart Handmade's fantastic new series, Making It, beginning this week and described as, "a weekly feature that follows the progress of four talented designers as they deal with the ups and downs of the handmade world. From new product ideas to booking a first wholesale account, we'll be offering a fascinating glimpse into each of their worlds. The series will last for 12 weeks and then we'll get to follow a whole new set of designers." One of the first artists featured is a new favorite, Dana Komjaty, an Amsterdam based artist who creates incredible homespun artwork under the label LeiLiLaLoo. Also check out Dana's blog and ThaNk YoU, Marichelle for another helpful and exciting feature!
House Pillows
Assembled from new and thrifted fabrics and hand-embroidered.

Dish Cloths with handmade applique

My House
5"x 5" mixed media painting