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Ice Storm hits my hometown...

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As the power slowly returns to areas around Fayetteville, Arkansas, I've been seeing these heartbreaking photos come in from friends and family. Arkansas is usually blessed with fairly mild winters and short periods of sweltering heat...but once in a while, something like this hits and utterly devastates the landscape. It looks like a very dangerous situation with those limbs hanging, downed power lines, and treacherous roads. However, today it is forecast to be in the low 50's, so I imagine the scene is about to get even messier. My heart is with you all as you begin the work of digging out...xoxo
Looking down my parents driveway.

Looking out onto the front pasture and tree-lined drive to the right.

Gate going through to the backyard and pasture.

A precarious tree looms over the road.
Photo by my friend and photographer, Mitzi Jones.

Mitzi also caught these three little signs of nature's perseverance.
I always worry about the animals...but I know they are smarter than I am!
Photo by Mitzi Jones. (Thank you!)