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The Constant Gatherer

John Bell

"arkansas", "artists", "brick and mortar", "mixed media"Katie RunnelsComment
Here are a few shots I promised of the art boxes and cabinets by artist, John Bell. These are pieces that have sold in the past, however he continues to create his assemblage boxes and cabinets along with mirrors, room screens and other home goods which can be found at his shop, Sweet Home Furnishings in Little Rock, Arkansas. Visit his website for more information! Tel. 501.296.9198 Thank you for sharing these with us, John! xo

Assemblage Artist John Bell has been creating functional art objects for fifteen years. Each piece of sculpture is custom-crafted from found objects, architectural fragments and repurposed woods. The aesthetic is not so much one style as a mixing together of many different styles and feelings... an imaginative exploration of memory, primitivism and elegant ruin.