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I love this print of a quote from John Cage, created by Danna Ray of Groundwork. I have been slowly turning my mind over to the fact that I simply must get another job to see me through these economic times. I can't thank all of you enough for supporting me over the past years with your purchases and kind comments about my work...it has meant the world! I'm trying hard to fight the feelings of "failure" and keep on with my head up(and I do realize how very blessed I am!)..but I have found it almost impossible to create new work while I am so worried about and occupied trying to pay bills...and even when there is so much I'd like to do! I will hopefully be able to continue this blog and some work as time will allow...hoping this will simply be a temporary means to regroup, save and then reassemble. I just wanted to let you know...and thank you for being the kindest friends! xo