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Dana Milton...(ob)literati

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I am drawn to so many qualities of the beautifully odd and painstakingly crafted works of art by Dana Milton. Her series- (ob)literati- found and manipulated sculptures focus on her thoughts about the nature of obsessiveness... The repetitive nature of obsessiveness obliterates meaning and intention. The object of obsession becomes the beloved - be it a word, a person, a place, a drug, a thought...
...The pathways of obsession lead into tighter and tighter circles until the self disappears and only the art remains. I am most interested in transforming the ordinary into the beautiful through obsessive acts in which I strive to understand the fine line and inherent fragility between the beholden and the beloved. -Dana Milton (read the entire statement here)
Many are mounted on Victorian era terrarium boxes...or my favorite, C-in which every page of Edgar Allen Poe's, The Gold Bug has been removed and dipped in beeswax.
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