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red velvet cupcakes, with beets!
photo and recipe by Kristen Bach

You've probably already heard about the new journal the talent behind R. Wood Studio have created- Beauty Everyday...curated by, Rebecca Wood, Kristen Bach and Rinne Allen. Its a comforting addition to the day to read their thoughts, recipes, and see the photographs that turn your mind back to the sweetness of the South. I am planning to try Rebecca's vegetarian collards recipe this week...mmm! These folks have been so good to me over the years...I had to share the news with you too! xo
rebecca wood (left) kristen bach (right)

A glimpse of the sweet countryside in Georgia
photo by rebecca wood

And...hold on to your hats...the incredible jewelry designer, artist, poet, photographer and all around magical lady, Jennifer Morris has created her own blog, Spilling Beauty. Its hard for me not to blog about her work every. single. day. Her warm poetic sensibilities infect every aspect of her vivid jewelry creations and photography...I am in awe of her talent! Visit her Flickr Album, Etsy Jewelry and Etsy Photography shops to be swept off your feet! xo

Jennifer Morris blog, Spilling Beauty

songs in the desert pendant
by Jennifer Morris

my little luxurious owl
by Jennifer Morris