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Jessica Gonacha- Pattern Class

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The first session of the Creative Sampler Art Workshops begins this weekend at Flatiron Studios in Greenville, SC! Atlanta artist, Jessica Gonacha will hold her class "Repeating Patterns" this Saturday, May 2nd, from 12-4pm! Email Teresa Roche of Art & Light today to register: teresawr@gmail.com**UPDATE4/30- this class has been postponed!!! Will pass on new info asap!!**
Jess Gonacha's Pattern: Waterlilies

Jess Gonacha's You Are Like No Other
Unframed Gocco Print

It's also First Friday and Saturday this weekend at Flatiron Studios (Art & Light, Knack, Lily Pottery) check out Teresa's blog for more details! I hope to make a day of it! xo